Birami Sahar (Sick City)

Birami Sahar (Sick City)

Story of a poor guy named Krishna who enters the world of drugs for fast and easy money and a luxurious life but sometimes things don't work out they way you want them to.

Story of a Poor Krishna who enters in to the world of drugs for his survival and quick money. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Birami Sahar (Sick City) torrent reviews

bill s (ru) wrote: These really are not my cup of tea movies but this coming of age teen dramedy was well acted and a fun watch.....neither of which I expected.

Becky B (ru) wrote: Beautiful movie! Very inspiring! The ending was disappointing though, because she didn't end up with the man she met on the road. Otherwise, it was a touching inspirational movie!

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Adi S (nl) wrote: This movie is a must SEE TO BELIEVE type of scenario.

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