Birdcage Inn

Birdcage Inn

With a red-light district in Seoul being demolished, the residents there find they have to relocate. Jin-a opts to leave Seoul and heads to the eastern city of Pohang. There she takes up residence in a boarding house run by a small family. Besides the parents, there is a daughter attending university and a son in high school. At first Jin-a is very happy there, however she continues to sell her body driving her into confrontation with the repressed daughter, Hye-mi. Things go from bad to worse when Jin-a meets Hye-mi's boyfriend.

Streetwise Jin-a moves into a boarding house run by a small, close-knit family. But her unacceptable behavior threatens to destroy them all. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cynthia S (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie. It is based on real-life...which are my favorite movies to watch. I was especially interested to know that the actress who played the mother (in the movie) was actually the real-life daughter of the mother in the story...AND the producer of the movie!! After watching this will acquire a deeper appreciation for what you do have in life.

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