Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey

Harry Walker, a former military pilot, works as a helicopter pilot and traffic reporter for a Salt Lake City radio station. One day while working he observes a bank robbery in progress and the kidnapping of a young woman who worked at the bank. Harry goes into pursuit which leads to an exciting conclusion.

Harry Walker, X-military pilot, works for a radio station in Salt Lake City as a traffic helicopter pilot. While on his rounds he observes a bank robbery taking place and the abduction of a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aubrey S (es) wrote: Beautiful people but sort of a lame story. My kids liked it just fine. And I got a little teary about the story. Not bad.

Dan L (us) wrote: While the subject matter is interesting to a point, that point is well shy of 95 minutes. Consequently, Herzog's narration and the direction of the film is unnaturally sensationalized and overly romanticized.

Tania F (gb) wrote: I'm from Auckland, New Zealand,,, I have been watching the Chop Shop for a while now. I do like the show sometimes when then there is nothing on. however the owner is ahhhhh I want to **** he is so annoying - I hate him. He is obviously acting for the show!! Its just silly

Sara S (es) wrote: this is barely watchable, and i usually like crap.

Dianisse P (ru) wrote: For diehard fans only

Mike N (de) wrote: super!,great game,,,,,,,dont bother with #2

Amy S (us) wrote: Watched this with my daughters father... this movie is completely him and I.

Scot C (br) wrote: When this film opens up with the car streaming through the desert, and with the way it was shot, it reminded me of Thelma And Louise. In fact i think they used the same gorge. The cinematography is superb, especially in the desert scenes. The score is great as well, and really sets the tone of the film. The other strong point of this film is the performances. Mickey Rourke even back then was a solid actor, and clearly talented. But underrated Willem Dafoe really stands out in this film as the sheriff. He was perfect for this character in many ways. Story wise, it starts off really strong and promising, and then my interest for some reason faded in the second half. There ended up being too much happening, to me it seems like the writer started writing the screenplay without knowing the ending. But overall it is worth watching.

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/7/2010)

Lance S (au) wrote: It was VERY Ok. There wasn't anything particularly good about it but I would be wrong in saying that is was bad movie. It was very low grade revenge flick with Nazis and a gun-wielding old brod. Clearly a must see.