Birds, Orphans and Fools

Birds, Orphans and Fools

In the aftermath of war, two men and a woman begin acting more like children than adults, leading to tragedy.

This mosaic-like parable is set in undefined space and time, still its crazy world without ideals filled with violence, cynicism and hopelessness clearly resembles the social atmosphere in Czechoslovakia after August 1968. Three strange loners survive only thanks to their "foolishness" - a life based on play and philosophy of joy. But the tragic ending of their coexistence is an inevitable outcome of reality that only offers two possibilities: insanity or death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth F (jp) wrote: I agree, Tommy Chong, let's vote these dumb fuckers out of office...

Mike B (jp) wrote: A pleasant film, well-worth watching. Margulies' Irish accent is phenomenal.

Alexey F (es) wrote: So many nice people in this movie! Liked them all!

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Ian C (es) wrote: Enjoyed this a lot more on the revisit. I never seen the BBC mini series so can't compare them both. Gibson is in fine form and is ruthless as he hunts for his daughters killers. A superb ending.

Joseph W (fr) wrote: Horrifying and hard to look away from.

Martin S (au) wrote: Always enjoy these over-the-top professionals with remarkable skills. Horrible world he gets into, made me really sad.

Ken T (gb) wrote: Freakishly weird with many paradoxical mistakes...That said, it isn't a bad watch, worth one look only"