Birth of the Living Dead

Birth of the Living Dead

A behind the scenes look into George Romero's groundbreaking horror classic Night of the Living Dead

In this documentary film, Rob Kuhns interviews authors, critics and filmmakers of the popular film "Night of the Living Dead". He also describes the film's background, production and distribution of the film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Birth of the Living Dead torrent reviews

Brad S (it) wrote: A very melancholy story that I found tough to get into. I like Kristin Bell, but her character isn't very likeable. Not recommended.

Jason M (ca) wrote: Some of the performances are a little off but it's great overall. It's hard to believe most people didn't think Liberace was gay.

AndrClaude L (kr) wrote: Where's the plot? oh but I don't care! it is stylish and it's good and I like it.

J M (nl) wrote: Abe is great, the first half of the film is non-stop comic energy, but then it falters in trying to turn serious. Ahh the baseball subplot could have been awesome! Squandered!

Ali J (mx) wrote: Turturro is intense! This role is a natural fit and he executes with brilliance.

Steve P (au) wrote: A powerhouse of rich narrative and strong performances that should be seen at some point in everyone's life.

Max L (us) wrote: Yeah, so...I love the premise. However, in the end, what you are looking at is a kid slowly shitting himself to death because of radiation poisoning. Even if you were simultaneously injected with benzodiazepines, opiates and given a stiff drink, this movie would still ruin your night. BEWARE.

Adam G (ru) wrote: Innovative for its time This movie is a social commentary about television and its effect on society. James Woods plays the lead in this twisted and surreal film. The ending left me scratching my head.

Jonas P (ru) wrote: A film about a crucial part of Swedish history. A very well made film with very good acting. But, it is not really a "film", more a monument. Between 1860 and 1920, a third of the Swedish population immigrated to the U.S.A, never to return.

Eric C (ca) wrote: Pretty much soft core porn with a sci-fi plot throw in there somewhere.

Tommie G (ca) wrote: Grew up on this movie but never noticed how dry and satanic it was or how many packs of cigarettes they knocked back, definitely more in-depth and geared towards adults than the new girly kids version 31 years in the remaking.

Anastasia T (fr) wrote: Lmfao! This movie is a joke and has zero logic. I'm pretty sure if someone attacked me in the shower I would call the police. The parents are the biggest load of morons to send a seriously unstable girl to college, and is unsure whether their daughter is taking her medication. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE MOVIE