Birthday Gift 2

Birthday Gift 2


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Tagalog,Filipino
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,   erotica,   softcore,  

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Birthday Gift 2 torrent reviews

Zahid C (au) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 24 Aug 2014Amt: Scene PointsTime: 6.45 pmOver at: 9.15 pmWith: Maa, AzeemTheatre: Cineplex Silvercity Brampton

Sharonhendersongaeorg S (br) wrote: New Orleans wAs a perfect backdrop For this suspense thriller. It had a few anecdotes of Christianity. Good movie, very good actors and supporting actors to pull it all together.

Wes S (gb) wrote: One of the Asylum's more obvious mockbusters. The film can't keep up with its characters, nor can it properly develop them. We're constantly jumping around without any in-between or explanation. The alien is cheap looking, but not as cheap as the hunter. The twist ending is so cheesy, it's best left unspoiled.

Ellen G (de) wrote: Verken eller. I den alternative gaten...

Terri H (gb) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Michael L (kr) wrote: Stephen Chow's first attempt at the 'Dou San' genre and made Du Sheng his own. Absolutely hilarious!

Kim W (nl) wrote: This movie was horrible! It was weird, silly, and depressing. The plot meandered around a lot, starting with the boy being invited to spend X-mas week in Quebec with his girlfriend who dumps him when he arrives, and ending up with him holding the girlfriend's grandmother as she dies in the car on the way back to the nursing home! I was under the impression that this movie would be more of a sex romp than a depressing look at dementia, loss of loved ones, and death! I think there was also a "get religion" message as well with the oddball naked father being an atheist and the boy too with the grandmother telling him that he was missing a lot by not believing in god. I only continued to watch this messed up movie to see where it would end. Don't see this one, it sucks!

Chest R (nl) wrote: Any horror fan of the 80s has got to buy this. This is the BEST compilation vid of horror movies. Its mostly John Carpenter's movies, but I have found myself watching the credits of this movie to find titles of the OTHER movies shown on THIS tape that are worthy of a gander.

Corpse M (gb) wrote: "its a jungle out there, and its gunna take a jungle bunny to run it".gotta love the throwback to the 60s. The whole style of the movie is great. Its basically a shaft movie from the bad guys perspective.....with a rick james soundtrack. I liked it a lot and there was lots of violence to keep me interested. See how a black man makes his rise to the top of harlem.

Michael W (ru) wrote: Army Major given six months leave as the fall guy in an accident arranges a multi-million dollar robbery of illegal gambling proceeds from a gangster during his break. Much of the police's concern is tidied up once the gangsters and army unit battle it out. Australian tv movie may have benefitted from a more generous budget but still does well. Strict attention to exercise regimen seems to have little effect on the success of the overall mission.

Becca W (jp) wrote: One of the great dark side of the western movies.

James R (au) wrote: One of my favorite screwball comedies. Lauren Bacalls face at the wrestling match is possibly the funniest in screwball comedy history. She actually reminds me alot of Lucy if Lucy was more sophisticated. Gregory Peck is a great straight-man to her funny gal. And Dolores Gray has some great songs. Bottom-line: Bacall is beautiful in it...she never really gets the chance to prove she is see it for that. Great dialogue! Peck: What's for dinner? Bacall: LAURIE SHANNON!

Ernest C (br) wrote: A coming-of-age story examining not just race but also fearing the unknown and the nature of justice, it is rightly regarded both as an excellent adaptation of the famous book of the same name and a most superb film.

Eduardo C (de) wrote: Boring plot but Pam is great as always. Anyway, it has some good moments.