Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

A shy bank clerk orders a Russian mail order bride, and finds his life turned upside down.

A thirtysomething bank clerk from St Albans has his small-town life exploded by the arrival of his Russian mail-order bride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Galvy F (ru) wrote: Not getting over the past runs in the family. When the past is not the same as the future when people and times change, but not always.

Kylie C (gb) wrote: The acting was pretty horrible. The plot was kind of predicatable, but it wasnt that bad of a movie.

Marcus H (jp) wrote: This film is the definition of EPIC. I see a lot of people hating on the acting or the love story. Well fine you don't like Nicole Kidman or Mr. Wolverine fair enough. This is an Australian masterpiece "Kidman, Jackman, Luhrmann" that has a ring to it! I'm not touch with Aussie cinema (I've seen all the Mad Max films, 1981's Gallipoli, the Crocodile Dundee films, Disney's The Rescue Rangers: Down Under, a lot of late great Steve Irwins show, 2011's Sanctum, Tomorrow, When the War Began [the film - liked it; very Red Dawn, I see they've made a TV series] and Netflix's export Mako Mermaids but not much else oh and The Babadook loved that instant horror classic!). Like much of the world I've follow Luhrmann's films since Romeo & Juliet. I guess if you expected another Moulin Rouge this was a disappointment; it's not a musical. It's highly stylist but nothing like The Great Gatsby. Haven't ventured to that continent yet but it gives one the impression it provides a faithful portrayal of life in Australia in the 1940s. Anyway I assume this is their Gone With The Wind it's a sprawling adventure. It is a longer film but the pacing is on point. So at under 3 hours those who can't sit through a single viewing it's not for them.Like all of Luhrmann's work it's written produced and directed by him. His touch is on every frame yet its nothing like any of his other films and thats what make them great. He likes working with John Leguizamo, DiCaprio and Kidman very cool you might realize you saw one of them in another picture he made but that's it. This is a fairy tale love story, taking place in a blossoming post industrial society dealing with the racial division of a lands native culture and it's a war film. Your going to laugh and your going to cry; it is freaking epic...

Eric R (kr) wrote: The most narrative film that I have seen by Tsukamtoto is very thought provoking. This is a very psychological film dealing with memory and loss in a very dark subconscious level. Great film.

Lee (es) wrote: A trio of supernatural short stories from the Pang brothers who were responsible for the spooky "Eye" trilogy. Each segment has its varying range of creepy content with the first being the scariest of the three. They're all watchable and decent though with the last of the them being the stronger overall with a clever little twist at the end. It's not greatness though - acting is average, some parts are confusing during the first story and budget constraints make things look too cheap. If you like Asian ghost movies then check this out, but for those who don't find pale skinned, dead-eyed asian girls with long hair scary then avoid this.

matt h (ag) wrote: what happend?...the first one was great!

Alexander C (br) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Tabby H (ru) wrote: Not really a GREAT movie, but I enjoyed it for what it was. I actually thought it would be a smidge better than it was, but what can you do. The drive-in experience being built into the DVD was great, though. It had some so-bad-they're-funny moments though. All in all it was worth it to see the kid s steal a fire truck.

Blake P (gb) wrote: George Taylor (Hodiak) wakes up in an army hospital with no memory of his past. When he regains health, he looks at his personal belongings, and finds a scathing letter from a woman, and another letter signed by "Larry Cravat". Determined to find out more about himself, Taylor travels to the city and meets lounge singer Christy Smith (Guild) and her friend Mel (Conte), and they both help him find out more. The deeper he gets into the maze however, Taylor finds that Cravat stole millions worth of cash a few years earlier, and murdered somebody to get it. The thing is however, things are going to get worse ... Famed director Joseph L. Mankiewicz was just getting started in Hollywood in 1946, and "Somewhere in the Night" was his third film overall and his first film for 20th Century Fox. Seeing the other two, I can say that "Somewhere in the Night" is by far my favorite. The main idea for the movie is definitely not at all original, but the plot twists and suspense make this B movie even more memorable than some of the A crime pictures. The film is just filled to the brim with snappy dialogue, fun but heart-pounding suspense, and great performances to boot, especially from Nancy Guild (literally a one-contract actress) as the female lead, the tough as nails femme fatale Phyllis played by Woode, and Hodiak has gotta get chops for carrying a film so well for one of the few times he's ever had to. Sure, "Somewhere in the Night" can be a bit predictable if you think about it too much, but if you just let yourself go into this top-notch thriller, you'll be in for a very special treat. I'm not sure if I've seen such a good B-movie in a long time. Recommended.

William W (es) wrote: Wonderful to see Bogie as the bad guy in this gangster classic. Bette Davis matches him line for line and the volatile tension never lets up. Essential for fans of either the stars or the genre.

Mike O (de) wrote: Well acted and well directed. it's excellent

Josep P (ca) wrote: Mi amigo Mr. Morgan [2013]

Dennis L (it) wrote: The premise was interesting but the execution was lacking. Annette benning and Ed harris saved this movie though.