Bitch Hug

Bitch Hug

Kristin counts down the days to her high school graduation, when she'll finally get to leave her small town and her manipulative sister behind, for the New York of her dreams. Everything is perfect, and the local paper has promised to publish Kristin's columns about the city that never sleeps. But Kristin misses her flight and, to escape total humiliation, instead ends up hiding out at the house of the peculiar young girl Andrea, far out on the countryside. In this house of Nowhere, Kristin brings Andrea along to the pulsating heart of New York on a big virtual adventure which she chronicles for everyone at home to follow. But then reality comes knocking.

Kristin counts down the days to her high school graduation, when she'll finally get to leave her small town and her manipulative sister behind, for the New York of her dreams. Everything is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Riley A (mx) wrote: More intriguing than i actually thought..pretty heartfelt Rom-Com with interesting characters...maybe it was too short of a film, but other than that pretty good 7.5/10

Michael W (de) wrote: Listless adventure has a university prof and his sort-of ex-girlfriend as targets in Africa when they are handed sensitive information to the KGB and CIA. Aside from the stunt work, nothing impresses here; least of all the cast of characters. Easily forgotten.

Michael T (jp) wrote: Bizarre and, ultimately, depressing.

Critic M (de) wrote: "Lawn Dogs" was very unusual, which is generally refreshing. This film was uncomfortable, original and weird. I watched it solely because Sam Rockwell acts in it. As usual, he did not disappoint. I'd like to point out that the cover is misleading and isn't really a good representation of what the film is about. I suppose it is more appealing than a ten year old girl and cookie cutter homes."Lawn dogs" is dramatic, happy, sad and dark. If you look at the genres below it really is all over the place. The film is about a young girl (Mischa Barton) who befriends the neighborhood landscaping guy (Rockwell) who is not from the same neighborhood or social class. There really are a lot of social statements made in this film that are still quite relevant. This film is hard to categorize and it really has a unique cast. The first half of the film is very art house and in my opinion a bit too slow and strange. The second half of the film has a lot more going on and re-captured my interest. The feelings of tension and inferiority the main characters experience is captured successfully and translates well on screen. There is a heaviness to this film and underlying feeling of dread that is sprinkled with lighthearted independent film spirit."Lawn Dogs" target audience is next to impossible to identify, but it is a very unique and multi-layered film.

Kevin S (es) wrote: Morgan ,who like her father, is a pirate. After her fathers death she gets handed his ship and his crew and she is determined to follow his footsteps. She finds out that on her fathers scull is a treasure map and she and her crew follow it to discover the treasure. But there is another very bad pirate as well who is searching for the treasure too and they both race to the treasure. This was an ok pirate movie but that's about it. I thought the acting was overdone. It did not do very much to excite me. I liked frank langella as skelator but he did not convince me as a good bad guy on this movie. And geena davis i usually enjoy but her performance was stale and mediocre. they pretty much copied treasure island and renamed it cutthroat island. It's good for one watch but I would not get too excited about watching it.

Mark N (gb) wrote: Some of the monster designs look half decent but the inarticulate puppets end up looking rather silly once required to perform, if the makers had filmed them less than full frame the flaws might have been less noticeable. The plot is serviceable and some of the props pretty decent but for the most part the acting is horribly wooden. Honourable mention must go to the 2 dwarf actors who are by far the best performers in the movie. Obviously made to piggyback off the Gremlins craze but failing to ape its relatable plot or humour or have decent puppets as Critters did.

Jay M (jp) wrote: [font=Arial][color=#000000]A large, magnetic meteor lands in Japan on the same night that botched assassination attempt on a princess plummets her from her plane into the Tokyo seas. She emerges with amnesia, and now claims that she?s a Venusian messenger, and warns that the meteor contains a fearsome, three-headed dragon named King Ghidorah who will lay Earth to waste. With the princess?s would-be assassins in close pursuit, things only get more chaotic when Godzilla and Rodan awaken from hibernation and start destroying Tokyo in a big, thunderous battle. Mothra and its twin priestesses must try and get Godzilla and Rodan to stop fighting and unite in order to destroy King Ghidorah, and save the world. One of the better entries in the [i]Godzilla [/i]series, this fifth chapter is the first time that Godzilla was sort of ?drafted? by the good guys for Earth?s benefit, and not destruction ? though he stomps out a good number of areas anyway. The flying menace Rodan is thrown in for good measure after a successful solo film in 1956, and proves to be a little more than old Godzilla can handle sometimes, pecking at his head repeatedly in one very funny sequence. The assassin angle is needless, but adds some of that James Bond flair to the mayhem, and feels somewhat in place during the film, seeing as there were countless spy shoot-em-ups during this time. It?s cheesy fun all the way. Followed by [i]Godzilla vs. Monster Zero.[/i][/color][/font]

NG E (es) wrote: Gotta love Marilyn Monroe. It's nice to see her not playing just a ditsy blond for a change!

Kym c my community profile R (nl) wrote: Alyssa Milano stars as Charlotte in this Goth eroticism Crap fest. The story is basically a vampire finds his soul mate from when he was human & only has 3 days to put his things in order for he's going into Vamp hibernation. He's got a couple of obstacles tho'.. 1 charlotte has a boyfriend who's trying to deflower her. & its also 3 days before her 18th birthday. 2. Her friends are trying to get her to be as easy as them. & OMG! The Boyfriend Chris is Played by who I thought was, if not then a brother of Skeet Ulrich.. But its Harold Pruett ...(R.I.P.) who I used to LOVE in the Outsiders tv series & Hull High , also played in party of 5, & parker Lewis. & must have been quite young in an episode of 21 jump street! Ok sorry.. The movie is a waste of time, They should have just made it a soft core porn & not have bothered to TRY with a story. F

Dr F P (es) wrote: Oh no, i haven't seen this since 2003, that's a long time. Back then i was pretty into Jackie Chan after seeing how he is at stunts, in fact at one point i wanted to be a stunt woman in my life (haha, i know right!). This was my first introduction to Owen Wilson too, and i've always liked him since, even though the majority of his movies i'm not that interested in. As for the actual movie, i like the part inside the clock, though it's kind of a rip off of other movies that have done similar things. I remember just really liking this but obviously time has diminished my memory of it. I know i never saw Shanghai Noon though.