Bitch Slap

Bitch Slap

Three bad girls (a down-and-out stripper, a drug-running killer and a corporate powerbroker) arrive at a remote desert hideaway to extort and steal $200 Million in diamonds from a ruthless underworld kingpin.

The film follows three bad girls, including stripper Trixe, ex-con Camero, and business executive Hel, who team up to steal a 200 million dollar stash of diamond from an underworld kingpin. Although they are well-prepared for the quest, difficulties is still more than they had expected to. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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YitHan W (es) wrote: not bad for a local film. songs are nice, especially if you can understand hokkien kua.

Shane J (mx) wrote: This was pretty poor,not even a decent shot of gore either. The worst sequel so far

Jared D (ru) wrote: The ending is very weak......but the rest of the film is a tension filled motion picture featuring fantastic performances, especially from Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington.

Tim M (kr) wrote: As sequels go, this is not that bad, watching the original then this straight after seemed like a good follow up, unlike many sequels, this actually stays on track with the established rules set before, everything seems very familiar.Sure, the plot is more shallow, but overall I enjoyed it, the character of Gus is a real winner, going from harsh step father, to resurrected humorous anti hero like, unstable and creepy with his demented laugh, almost like a Kruger type, he protects our protagonist from the bully, then playfully kills him before going on a rampage to kill his stepson and spouse, before delivering the protagonist his mothers corpse.Like the original, it's major creep lies in the moral of playing with the dead, you bring them back but, although not totally evil, they are tainted, soulless and highly volatile, but still the emotional attachment is too great that you don't care, i like the message in both films and the atmosphere, though thinner is still viable, i'm glad a third was never made.

Chris G (es) wrote: I'm not ashamed to say, I actually quite liked Step up 4. Originally bought for my son's to watch as they are made a bout dancing, the story line holds a nice little twist from the last 3 films and is fun to watch. Of course you cannot get away from the tedium that this is another street dancing film, so not so surprisingly it's not a seat clencher, however you can see and appreciate the amount of effort and thought that has gone into creating this franchise, and how it helps to inspire the next generation of dancers. I'd recommend to anyone who's into dance films, and not expecting a massive change in plot.