Bite the Bullet

Bite the Bullet

At the beginning of the 20th century, a newspaper organizes an endurance horse race : 700 miles to run in a few days. 9 adventurers are competing, among them a woman, Miss Jones, a Mexican, an Englishman, a young cow-boy, an old one and two friends, Sam Clayton and Luke Matthews. All those individualists will learn to respect each other.

A group of ex-rough riders, an ex-prostitute and a gunfighter enter a horse race in the desert. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ioana (ca) wrote: Most of us have one dad, but what if one day you wake up with two? :)

Phil H (jp) wrote: The boys are back in town only its not a sequel but a prequel and we gonna see how Mike and Sulley became friends. Yep its back to school for this next adventure into the world of scaring.Mike is off to Monsters University to become a scarer, only problem is he's not very scary, but he's book smart, so he learns all he can on the art of scaring. Sulley is a bit of a jock and thanks to his privileged family background he has a good reputation and following. He's a good scarer and indeed scary but not so book smart, so in essence these guys need each other. Even more so after getting kicked off the scaring programme they must both work together with a team of nerds to win the scare games and get back into the scare programme (the word 'scare' is used by the bucket load in this).My initial thoughts on this were skeptical I admit, another prequel which seems to be the trend these days, why not a straight forward sequel. These thoughts were virtually obliterated as Mike jumps off the bus and enters into the Uni. Do I really need to talk about visuals here? one word...awesome! these animated films just get better and better. Everything just looks so damn real! the slimy monsters look slimy, the furry ones look perfectly furry, everything has such a solid realistic sense and weight about them its fantastic. The colours are bright, bold, vivid and gosh darn beautiful.On top of that the detail here is astounding, everywhere you look in each frame or scene there is something going on. Of course being set within a school there is plenty to create, plenty of visual gags, homages, in-jokes, parodies etc...the possibilities are pretty endless and sure enough its all covered here. Yeah sure a lot of it is cheesy and cliched, we've seen many of these high school-like pranks and party scenarios with jocks and dweebs before, its an old concept, but it all looks good enough to eat.Its actually pretty cool to see a very young Mike Wazowski, he looks so adorable, I really felt sorry for the little guy when he gets pushed around. Once he's grown up a bit and voiced by Crystal that cuteness falls by the wayside but never mind. I really liked all the other characters in the school, it must have been hard to create so many unique looking creatures, there are some that look a bit lame, a bit similar, a bit Dino-esque but in general a nice selection. The middle aged textile salesman monster Don Carlton was a great little creation although he does look somewhat like Mario. I really did like some of the fraternity monsters especially, the monster that looked like an eagle with horns and his mohawk/mullet-like hair. I also liked how they came up with stereotypical types of monsters which parody reality...the goth/emo kids, the girly cheerleader types, the porky kids, the poindexters etc...I REALLY liked the brief appearance of the scream can design teacher, like an overly hairy Muppet. It was also cool to see Randall back as for some reason I didn't expect to see this guy. So not only do we get to see how Mike and Sulley become friends we also see how Randall comes to hate Sulley.The scare games predictably do go the way you know they're gonna go, but the finale scaredown is cool and fun to watch. What I liked is the actual ending to the film doesn't play out as you'd expect, there is a little twist and the good guys don't totally win in every way you'd expect them too...which is cool.There are absolutely tonnes of good morals, good values and good lessons to be learnt in this film, a great motivational spirit lifter for all ages (especially the younger gen of course). Maybe a little bit more for the kids this time but still thoroughly entertaining, the perfect underdog story, or should that be undermonster? zing!

James H (mx) wrote: This drama is easy to get invested into because of it's great screenplay and A list cast. Bradley Cooper hits a career best and you always know you're going to get something good out of Robert De Niro. Jennifer Lawrence was 50/50 for me. On one side, when she was calm and even tempered, I thought her performance was subtlety brilliant. However, when she was shouting and screaming, I thought it was over the top (which she does often do) and it seemed like she was begging for the Oscar. Which payed off because she won. That is my only problem though because other than that, it is well directed, it has hilarious humour and some important messages.

Wayne S (fr) wrote: What a pleasant surprise to discover this film two years after it's release. Harry Houdini (Guy Pearce) while on tour in Britain in 1926, meets a beautiful psychic (Catherine Zeta-Jones) who, with the assistance of her young daughter (Saoirse Ronan), may be out to scam him. Oh, but the chemistry! ...the movie takes off from there and soars. A wonderful cast, intriguing and inventive story and cinematography with a luscious palette. Saoirse Ronan is amazing in whatever she does. Wonderful bittersweet ending. I highly recommend this one.

Train M (de) wrote: /B/ Very moody film. Rockwell is a real pro.

Khaled H (fr) wrote: a hight valued thriller, all about integrity and honor.Willis was amazing

Adrienne L (de) wrote: Meg Ryan's altered lips, Diane Keaton's wonky pearl necklace, and Lisa Kudrow standing around begging for a line. Terrible movie. Keaton directed this misfire. Yikes.

Rebecca V (it) wrote: 1) This was a dollar purchase from a local thrift store2) The rating was VM for Very Mature3) This movie sucksBut it by far THE MOST ENTERTAINING of any bad movie I've ever seen :) definitely on

Amy M (gb) wrote: You can't go wrong with Cary Grant, and this was one I'd never seen. Off-beat, but enjoyable.

Bastien M (kr) wrote: Je le dis tout net : le melodrame, c'est pas mon truc. Autant dire qu'ici, je vais donc me laisser aller : c'est larmoyant, agaant (ouh quelle est enervante la gamine !), previsible, et bla bla bla. Cela etant, le film vaut a lui seul le deplacement pour la belle, la talentueuse, l??incroyable Barbara Stanwyck, merveilleuse dans ce role de femme proletarienne revant de bourgeoisie et qui, a defaut d'y acceder, fait tout pour que sa fille y arrive. Elle apporte au film un vent de folie, de liberte de ton, meme d'humour qui sont les bienvenus dans ce film bien triste et limite degoutant ("la mere doit se sacrifier pour ses enfants, c'est son role !").

Bailey H (au) wrote: This movie is watchable and interesting, so don't let the negative reviews throw you off. However, you can't just pop this movie in as background noise, or as a time filler on a lazy day. You have to watch it prepared to pay attention, and you have to be in the mood for a complex movie with countless plot twists, and puzzle pieces you have to put together in your mind. This isn't a movie that is meant to just entertain you, it is a movie to leave you thinking and wondering about the plot and the themes. The plot is draggy in the beginning and it sometimes doesn't make much sense. However, once the movie gets to the end, it will suddenly occur to you why the movie was filmed the way it was. I can't really tell you what I mean without giving away spoilers. Let's just say, you have to be a smart person to watch this film, because it is meant to test your brain, confuse you, make you cry, make you laugh, and then finally it all makes sense in the last three minutes.