Bitter & Twisted

Bitter & Twisted

A family drifts down a spiral of self-destruction and depression in the years following the death of their eldest son. Can they come to terms with what's happened before everything falls apart?

A family drifts down a spiral of self-destruction and depression in the years following the death of their eldest son... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karlo D (it) wrote: Cheat. Nice plot, but a horror movie that is just about to reveal what happened......the words "TO BE CONTINUED" filled the screen. Seriously???!!

Faley A (es) wrote: If it hasn't been Audre Toutu, I would never have watched this movie.

George P (ru) wrote: Rather moving film, amazing soundtrack choises. Nice conclusion.

TTT C (nl) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up Entertaining action scenes.

Fascade F (au) wrote: Sitting through this film I was in search for finding further answers for the psyche of a suicide bomber. I have no idea what it is that pushes a person over the edge to believing that suicide is a way or key into the afterlife. Here is where we have two such volunteers. Said (Kais Nashef) a gifted mechanic in the village of Nablus and his long time friend Khaled (Ali Suliman) which is a hot tempered but good friend. The two of them get the word that they have been the chosen ones to be suicide bombers in Tel Aviv. Enter a customer for Said, Suha (Lubna Azabal) who not only has a problem with her car, but is the daughter of a "hero" martyr. The movie moves along fairly well despite the foreign dialog and subtitles. Watching the two transform themselves in the final hours before their assignment makes you wonder which of the two will bail out on the "assignment". Folks that have given up on the sanctity for the preservation of life really have to reevaluate their moral options! Fairly good movie to see. Try it.

Japhordan C (de) wrote: It's alright, I guess, Simon Birch is an average drama/dramedy. Good acting.

Grami Tami N (ca) wrote: Pretty lame with a few chuckles

Graham M (fr) wrote: Fun and light-in-tone thriller with a good cast.

Peter M (es) wrote: One of the funniest John Goodman movies!

Kristina K (kr) wrote: I enjoyed watching this movie a lot, although the ending was disappointing. Good drama.

Alex B (fr) wrote: Unsubtle, and maybe dishonest, or at least confused (certainly NOT a lost "classic"). Perhaps a good (and unintentional) example of (the dishonesty/confusion of) liberal (anti-)racism. So, unsubtle except insofar as it's subtly/secretly racist. Is this why it says nothing about the roots/causes of racism?

Erin B (kr) wrote: There IS a reason it's a classic! Rasputin, thorny whips, sex w/hoods still's got it all !!! By the far the best I've seen...and yes I've seen other nunsplotaion.

Danny R (kr) wrote: Jacques Tourneur' masterful film noir where a man named Jeff Bailey, played magnificently by Robert Mitchum, who owns and runs a gas station in California will soon discover that he cannot escape his former life as a private detective, when his one-time employer, a charismatic gangster named Whit, played impressively by Kirk Douglas, and his wicked lover Kathie, brilliantly played by Jane Greer, an evil women that will stop at nothing to get her way, entangle Bailey in a web of murder and double-dealings. Astute direction by Tourneur, with striking black & white cinematography by Nicholas Musuraca. Outstanding dialogue, thanks to the exquisite script by Geoffrey Homes. One of the greatest crime classics in cinematic history. Highly Recommended.

Jonathan D (gb) wrote: Very Average LONG "Gangster Movie" nothing that special with this movie. Decent performances, but nothing that you haven't seen before.

Cindy I (ca) wrote: I like Burt Reynolds. Sue me.

Russ B (br) wrote: 12/30/2016: It wasn't as good as I hoped, but it had it's moments. A great cast and the premise was excellent, but just not really funny.

Brandon S (ca) wrote: The direction is great, as always with John Frankenheimer. Was he a little less focused than usual? Yeah, but he still maintained his strong sense of atmosphere. This movie's poor reception isn't at all his fault. This is just one of those cases where poor performances beat out solid direction in the end.

Jennifer T (nl) wrote: Worked for me. Fun to watch. Anyone that loves horror movies or has an interest in haunted houses should watch this one.