Biwi No. 1

Biwi No. 1

Prem and Pooja lead an ever so normal rich life. Pooja who is busy, with her 2 adorable kids and Prem's mom, neglects her man. A gorgeous model, Roopali , enters Prem's life to revive him of his ever so bouncing hormones. Prem leads a double life being a doting father and ever-loving husband on one hand and prancing around the streets with Roopali on the other. Add to all this Lakhan and his wife are good friends of Prem and his wife. Prem wants to have the cake and eat it too. Pooja soon discovers Prem's love and gives an ultimatum. Will Prem go for Pooja? Or will he settle with Roopali?

Prem and Pooja lead an ever so normal rich life. Pooja who is busy, with her 2 adorable kids and Prem's mom, neglects her man. A gorgeous model, Roopali , enters Prem's life to revive him ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Biwi No. 1 torrent reviews

Eugene A (ca) wrote: Beautiful, but true :)

Jason S (us) wrote: Beautiful, moving, brilliant.

Don S (ag) wrote: This was done well for a low budget horror movie. The story was interesting, with religious themes, the acting was good, and the effects were minimal but acceptable. There were no scares, however there was enough tension built up to overcome it. Surprisingly above average.

Tommy K (ru) wrote: The environmental message can be perceived as preachy by some, the story and the characters don't have nearly as much depth as in the original book, and the acting just plain sucks! However, the movie as a whole could be even worse.

Chris W (fr) wrote: Just to see how horrible it is!

Greg W (mx) wrote: OK fictional period/historical pic

Ricky F (au) wrote: This is the 2nd worst movie I've ever seen. If I was president I'd destroy every copy of this movie in order to save future generations from seeing this garbage.

bill s (gb) wrote: Little seen inspirational running movie.

Casey N (gb) wrote: Great Comedy ! You will Laugh and you will cry !

Iron M (nl) wrote: i love this. the amount of times i've seen it is too many. the music amazing, eveything, amazing.

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