Biwi No. 2

Vishal comes from an upper-class family. As he is of marriageable age, his parents want him to get married. Vishal meets with Archana and both fall in love. The respective parents of both ...

. . The respective parents of both . Vishal meets with Archana and both fall in love. As he is of marriageable age, his parents want him to get married. Vishal comes from an upper-class family

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Users reviews

Anthony L (es)

Recommended for architects, sociologist, film makers and day dreamers in general. It's pretty ahead of it's time, the regeneration of the industrial landscape and seeing beauty in what is regarded as ugly. An interesting viewpoint from an early 60's perspective, interesting in retrospect but also interesting as it's not a viewpoint I would have thought popular

Athena N (br)

An adventure of a horse an Indian and a cowboy is definitely great fun especially with the supra dose of typical surreal and wacky Belgian humour

Chonga (ag)

. . I never saw the original Cyborg, but I enjoyed Cyborg 2

Dylan F (ca)

Just call up a group of good-humored friends and pop the DVD in and you have a night of entertainment. Don't get me wrong-there is fun to be had with this movie. Monsturd is a film you cannot take seriously. It went from being gross-out humor to just being a gross-out. I know I might sound like an idiot for saying this about a movie with a half-man/half-feces monster, but the gross-out humor was, well, annoying. The good thing about this movie is that it doesn't take itself seriously. As you can see, Monsturd is a low-budget comedy/horror movie that has somewhat achieved cult status. In a way, that is exactly why it is entertaining. Please excuse the pun, but this movie is a piece of crap

G Richard B (fr)

K politics behind a march to war better captures its sleazy rewriting of facts and history better than this fast, dark and offensive comedy. S/U. No documentary of U. Wag the Dog with British timing. Brilliant

Joey R (ag)

Plus, the characters are adorable. This movie was so, so, so good

John R (mx)

One of Tarantinos worst. Bunch of hasbeens and I don't think Samuel L turns a role down. One of the worst movies I started watching

Johnny U (it)

This really is a must see film and one that could (almost) have been made without any dialogue such is the intensity of Sarri's wonderful performance. His reactions to this, as the truth slowly unravels, are erratic and somewhat bizarre however, in retrospect their plausibility only compound the tension. Olle Sarri plays a man on the edge of oblivion and who doesn't really know what he is doing or how he got there. This is a chilling, frantic, mysterious and thought provoking film and while a casual aire of terror is present from the opening scene, it is driven by deeply emotional feelings

Kate B (kr)

Worth a watch. Had no idea about the world of arm wrestling but this doc 'pulled' me in and found myself cheering for the underdog

Leonard D (ca)

o exactly was this movie made for?. . . . . . . It's Rodney Dangerfield as an animated dog, which seemed like an interesting idea, but, yep, what more could you expect? A kids movie, which was way too mature for its own good! What a great waste of an opportunity on Rodney's part! Wait! Five directors!? FIVE FREAKIN DIRECTORS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!? After renting it recently, it kept my interest, but I didn't laugh once! After watching this, I looked on IMDB, and read about this feature was originally going to be an R rated film! No wonder this had risky stuff!