During WW2 Hungarian resistance hides a married couple from the officials. The woman is sent to act as the wife of one of the resistance members who is also in hiding and pretending to be somebody else. They slowly begin to fall in love.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:world war two,  

During WW2 Hungarian resistance hides a married couple from the officials. The woman is sent to act as the wife of one of the resistance members who is also in hiding and pretending to be somebody else. They slowly begin to fall in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Little F (us) wrote: Great walk down memory lane, interviews with all band members, and close friends of them, like Chris Cornell, a lot of footage from the 90s. Highly recommended for any fan of the band and that era... YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

mike d (au) wrote: Quinceanera is the Spanish term for a girl 15th birthday when she becomes a woman. But this movie only uses this event as a backdrop for a bunch of other issues, including sex, pregnancy, religion, and family.The majority of the cast were amateur actors. It was hard to tell. This movie was excellently believable. It was set in a barrio in Los Angeles and depicts how life is for this select piece of society.This movie shows how what people believe is not always what is true or correct. A good lesson for everyone.

Gary B (br) wrote: Distinctly average retelling of what was a British television classic. Too complex a story to be abridged in this way, no real getting to know the characters and therefore no empathy with them. Love Matthew Goode to look at tho!

Ashley T (de) wrote: In some ways, it's slow-burning and incredibly intense, but in others it's just slow. A very interesting concept here, taking the story of a murdered girl, and instead of tracking the killer and the victim's family, we see how the men who find her body and their families are affected. The presumed killer is sort of included, but he's more of a menacing unknown figure thrown into a few scenes to add extra tension, we never get to know more about him or the actual crime. The victim's community plays a background role as well. Several subplots are introduced, and many of the characters have complicated backstories, but none of this is ever fully explored. It seems the writer had plenty of great ideas, but didn't know how to tie them together or come up with a resolution. Many scenes feel incomplete as they fade to black after very little has happened. Early on I thought this was simply strange editing and that we'd come back to the ideas later, but as the fade outs happened more and more, I realized this was a deliberate artistic choice and the scenes in the filmmakers' minds were complete. Perhaps some focus would have helped improve the overall story, but this isn't a miss at all. The acting is phenomenal all around. I'm always amazed at my how much I hate Laura Linney in character. I know for a fact that she's a lovely person in real life.

Jay L (de) wrote: "Kiss Fear Goodbye.." A tough as nails, brute force martial arts actioner that oozes with badassness. Kiss Of The Dragon is an adrenaline shot straight to the vein, I mean this movie does not stop for a second, a relentlessly violent revenge yarn that packs plenty of bullets, blood and mayhem throughout. Director Chris Nahon collaborates with Luc Besson to bring this film, a follow up to Jet Li's Romeo Must Die to life. It's not a great movie by any means, the acting is stale and the story is less than satisfying, but hell, the fight sequences and the martial arts make it worth your while. A violent, bloody, brutal good time.

Stephen K (ca) wrote: Interesting, but quite ridiculous psychological thriller.

Shaun T (mx) wrote: Not a fan on the term "chick flick" because over- and misused but this is definitely one that was made by and for women. Like all great chick flicks though, MBC can be enjoyed by all.

Kenny N (gb) wrote: Yes, this film is a fantastic portrayal of erotic obsession and is a classic of the psychological thriller. But I cannot give it five full stars because of ONE scene. The scene at the jazz festival goes on too long and adds nothing to the otherwise suspenseful, terrifying mood permeating the rest of the film. Sure, the music's nice, but we'd much rather spend the time looking around corners to see where Evelyn pops out next! Luckily, the film slips right back into the right atmosphere after that scene ends. But in the hands of a less skilled director, the whole ship would have sunk. So while I highly recommend this film as the Grandmother of All Erotic Thrillers, just fast forward through the jazz festival scene. You'll be glad you did.

Allan C (ca) wrote: Director Arthur Penn does his best to make an American style French New Wave film. He does manage to make it more than simply a clone of Goddard or Truffaut, but it doesn't quite all come together. Still, it gets an A for effort and does have some visually memorable moments, most of which are the montage scenes set to the brilliant Stan Getz score. For my money, the film score alone, re-teaming Stan Getz with arranger Eddie Sauter, following their classic album "Focus" is reason enough to watch this film.

Scott R (de) wrote: Good, but a little run of the mill despite the good cast.

Petros T (us) wrote: A very interesting film, lifted by the theatrical setting, the tight direction of John Huston and the classy duo of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. It does drag in points, as is almost inevitable with those 1940s crime dramas, and, in the end, doesn't manage to rise above the lot, but it's worth watching once anyway.

Matthew D (gb) wrote: A Burton film which elicits empathy and suspense is rare, as is the (occasional) feeling it's actually about something; sometimes the plight of the mentally and physically disabled, sometimes a modern retelling of Frankenstein. If only it could have built on these a little better if could have been more than the charming, if unremarkable, modern fairytale it is.

Richard H (nl) wrote: Read Lampoon for years before SNL or Animal House, so I knew what to expect. Same here, more or less.