Sakiko (Matsushima Nanako), works independently at a travel agent in Tokyo. She was raised by her mother, Tatsuko (Miyamoto Nobuko), is hospitalized, Sakiko returns to her hometown Tokushima on Shikoku. The town is famous for its annual Awa Dance Festival. She is told by doctor, Terasawa Daisuke (Osawa Takao), that her mother has terminal cancer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:120 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Bizan torrent reviews

Orlok W (gb) wrote: Dark & foreboding backwoods thriller worth way more than a single shot--An exquisitely grimy, rural, all-American series noir!!

Ryan S (gb) wrote: Sometimes boring, but mostly stupid.

Shoan M (mx) wrote: Good entertainer. Leave brains at home.

Elise M (kr) wrote: Entertaining, but too much lip syncing by all involved, and far too much fake cher. Plot barely held together.

Chris W (au) wrote: this movie was definitely an interesting watch. It had a western feel to it. Interesting to see some parallels to some American films. It might be a language barrier, but I feel like I might've lost some of the feelings in the translation. There was also so much more the story could've done with the bog. What was that bog about anyways?

jeannie w (us) wrote: It was a very good movie!

Binh C (de) wrote: very touching... sad story told in a funny way...

WS W (fr) wrote: One off the pleasant long motion picture by Francois Ozon. A special, in-depth & emotional narrative leading by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi & Stephane Freiss.

Tio B (ru) wrote: Miguel Sandoval has turned up in lots of movies but rarely gets a chance to shine. Luckily, he's very shiny in this oddness about two (!) men seeking food and alternating between trivial chat and babyish whining.

Indu R (fr) wrote: This movie is fucking hilarious. Chris Farley and David Spade are great. The plot was alright.

Tex P (kr) wrote: Okay, so this is not as good as the first two, but I would say that this sequel teams better with the Nerds movies than Temple Of Doom does with Indy flicks - dig? This is a genuine Nerds movie, complete in all respects. And, my VCR still spins this tape now and then.

MarieBella C (us) wrote: While lacking any real substance Dennis' Quaid's fully committed performance holds this glossy somewhat bland bio pic together

Spencer S (jp) wrote: This sort-of cult classic has several main reasons for its continued success and several sequels. The preeminent reason, of course, is boobs, or more specifically a large amount of female nudity. No one likes this film, and if they actually do, it's probably for that one, shallow reason. The film is definitely more parodist than anything, because there are a lot of moments of unintentional hilarity throughout this film. It also feels more like a parody than an actual action film, and that is attributed to the lesser effects and obvious dispassion towards the production. The direction is lazy, the script doesn't even matter to the grand scheme of the entire film, and the actors obviously don't care. The women in this film actually look as if they're trying to get through the film with whatever small amount of dignity they can, but otherwise there isn't any concern for legitimate acting in this film. The plot runs like Dungeons and Dragons fan fiction throughout, yet there is no honor to the male characters. Even the hero is guilty of some serious crimes against women, and the rest of the men are shown as slobbering dullards who often rape, pillage, and drool. It's not exactly horrifying to see the state of women in this film, because it's definitely an unapologetic film. The one thing that saves this film is that the film makers are obviously not being serious with the source material. If this hadn't been a low budgeted indie film that was trying to reel in the lowest common denominator than outrage would be the appropriate emotion towards this film. Is the film actually enjoyable? I would say in small doses it isn't a horrible film, but it's also very distracting to see all these naked women nearly raped onscreen. There aren't even little stupid things to laugh at, only these meatheads trolling around onscreen, mashing each other's faces in. If you're curious though, it does have some of the same appeal as "Barbarella" without any of that pesky plot, so if interested go nuts.

Bruce B (de) wrote: This is a captivating love story.. It starts with a young woman (Katya, played by Vera Alentova) reporting to her Worker's Dormitory friends that she has flunked by two points the exam to get into university. It ends with the most incredible sweetness of life.It is like a French film done by a Russian company (which is what it is). The Moscow we see that does not believe in tears does believe in love, and it is not a Moscow of politics, although some people do call one another "comrade." This is a woman's point of view film (a "chick flick") that transcends any genre cage. It begins slowly, almost painfully dull in a way that will remind the viewer of all the clichs about Russia, the unstylish dress, the worker's paradise that isn't, the sharp contrast between Moscow and the peasants who live outside the city. Katya works in a factory. She works at a drill press. She is obviously underemployed. Lyudmila (Irina Muravyova) works in a bakery. She is probably gainfully employed for the time and place. They are friends, twentysomethings who are on the make for a man, but not a man from the sticks. They pretend to be university post docs or something close to that and they impress some people as they house-sit a beautiful Moscow apartment.This is how their adult life begins in a sense. Lyudmila falls in love with an athlete; Katya becomes infatuated with a television cameraman. One thing leads to another and before we know it they are forty. Neither relationship worked out. The athlete becomes an alcoholic, the cameraman, in the sway of his mother, believes that Katya is beneath him (once he finds out that she works in a factory). How wrong he is, of course.But no more of the plot. I won't spoil it. The plot is important. The characterizations are important. The story is like a Russian novel in that it spans lots of time, but once you are engaged you will find that the two and a half hours fly by and you will, perhaps like me, say at the end "What a great movie!" My hat is off to director Vladimir Menshov and to Valentin Chernykh who wrote the script and to the cast. I've mentioned Vera Alentova and Irina Muravyova, but Aleksey Batlov who played Gosha was also excellent. I don't want to say anymore.. 2 stars 4-15-13

Jesse F (gb) wrote: Aside from Guttenberg and one ice-cream related death scene, there's not much else here worthwhile.

Juan M (es) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. I can't remember how many times I've watched it. Good all-around fun.