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Bjurra torrent reviews

Nate T (gb) wrote: "And they used Bon Ami!" Another great haunted house comedy. The jokes are plentiful and feel fresh even if you have seen this more than once. Knotts is in top form here!

Alexa E (gb) wrote: Such a good movie! Everything looks so real and the plot is insane! Good action movie to watch! Definitely Recommend!!

Don K (nl) wrote: Nicely told. I was struck by what a calm and thoughtful guy Jim Nachtwey appears to be. I guess it takes a calm demeanor to take those kind of pictures. Great stuff.

Luke B (br) wrote: A cheap and nasty Alien rip-off. Roger Corman has no shame, which is part of the reason why his films are awesome. There's gore, terrible dialogue, an awful looking monster, and gratuitous nudity. Watch in disbelief as our "hero" goes from the bed of one woman, straight to the naked woman in the steam-room. Lines are delivered with such little emotion it seems as though each actor would race each other off set everyday. I simply can't recommend it as rumor has it all the funny bits were cut out. This makes it a rather po-faced knock-off. At least we are treated to an exceptionally 80's sex scene, with weird colors, fast editing, and electrical sound effects. It then cuts to other members on the planet, and we see a man jamming out on some weird instrument. I expected someone to burst into song at any moment. There's also the genius moment where a woman communicates with the creature via computer.

Luke H (au) wrote: I enjoyed it, probably will not see it again.

Sophia V (ru) wrote: A rad bromance between a Russian and a Mongolian by default equals tons of win, but the fact that Kurosawa had to throw in a little AZN fun makes this movie one if not the most legendary movie of all time, MUST WATCH it will make you cooler.

Sarah F (es) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see this, i think!

Marie P (es) wrote: The cover says it all. "From the creators of Adventures in Babysitting" it boasts. "It's great fun!" Hmm. Great fun. Or, to put it another way, quite simply the worst film ever made. Charlie "The Delinquents" Schlater kidnaps Elvis to cheer up his mum. Actually, I may have to watch this again just to revel in its horror.

Dondi M (br) wrote: If you enjoy movies like Step Brothers, Blades of Glory or The Other Guys, you will think this is super funny. Many many funny scenes.

Ian G (au) wrote: One of the iconic films or should I say roles for Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie is an interesting look at the gender politics as well as the arduous task of the audition process for an generic actor is a sea of thousands the lengths he would go to in order to stand out in a crowd and land the role to get some cash. Little does he know when he shows up in drag and sells Dorothy to the soaps and lands the role of a lifetime out of it and has to continue to sell his lies. There are some great laughs and solid acting, helped out by a great supporting cast including Teri Garr, Sydney Pollack and Geena Davis. Suffers slightly from being slightly dated in its perception of gender politics and being a common trope of putting a funny man in drag (Mrs Doudtfire hit some similar ideas) but otherwise good for what it is.

Matt W (au) wrote: I have long since learned not to trust critics. The bulk of movie reviewers are hyper-liberal, and they review films not on the film's merits, but on the degree to which the film promotes (or rejects) their ideology. A perverse groupthink pervades the criticsphere. They all want to say the same thing in a slightly different way-- and thus incur the favor of each other. But they are virtually all guilty of ideological plagiarism. This is an excellent film. It is not as flippant as the Marvel films. It does not make light of the issues it covers. It embraces the complexity and the paradigm-twisting uncertainty that Superman would inflict upon a real world. The characters are believable. The story is intriguing. The film only relies on special effects when necessary. Otherwise it's good-old-fashioned storytelling.That said, it is deplorable that this film got such poor reviews. This film did not overtly promote any liberal values. For that sin, it was punished by the critics who wish to tell you what to watch and what to think as you watch it.Screw the critics. And screw their worldview. Think for yourself. Watch the movie and enjoy. Nice to see that the vast majority of viewers liked it, critics be damned.