Black and Blue

Black and Blue

With a meth-addict for a mother and a non-existent father, AMBER (17) doesn't have much in this world, except for one thing...her music. Through circumstances beyond her control Amber ends ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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With a meth-addict for a mother and a non-existent father, AMBER (17) doesn't have much in this world, except for one thing...her music. Through circumstances beyond her control Amber ends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black and Blue torrent reviews

Ioana (ag) wrote: One of the best Romanian films of modern age. Good sound, clear image and a nice subject: quite a good recipe.

Paul A (kr) wrote: This is a very good horror the best I've seen in years

Jacob C (it) wrote: An amazing parody of The Matrix and Foght Club movies. It even has Vanilla Ice doing the worm.

Malik A (gb) wrote: I don't follow Lou Diamond, but watched this on a whim and this was a top notch thriller!!!

Ted W (ru) wrote: Good action steven Spielberg movie starring Tom cruise. It's not the best classic steven Spielberg but a new take and is pretty successful, I think he pulled it off. But first let's talk about Tom cruise. He is good and entertaining, his character is good and you get to feel how he feels. If I didn't tell you that this a steven Spielberg film you would be shocked, that's how I felt when I found out that he directed the movie. Yes it is boring in the middle but the ending and that Tom was in a little house in the middle of nowhere was confusing because what the fudge happened but I think he was in the house the whole tune.

Brett C (br) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:Peter Jackson, a name that has been long rejoiced by many film enthusiasts everywhere because of his great adaptation of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the lesser and over-bloated Hobbit trilogy. Here we have the film that he has made before the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a showcase of abundant and at the time impressive visual effects; which is probably the main reason that he was chosen to helm the trilogy. Jackson has always favoured spectacle over story, even if he retains faithfulness to the source material, it still manages to highlight the film's scope and effects; tugging the nerves of the heart rather than the mind. The Frighteners is so far the worst film I have seen from the director, an example of a director displaying ambition but fails to incorporate and strengthen the fundamental of effective storytelling.The plot of The Frighteners is a mixture of Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice, a mixture of tones that never blend together beautifully. The film is brave enough to take darker aspects of death and murder, but sadly it always takes me back emotionally due to its lingering comedic presence that slices away the weight of a great scene. The film starts off subtle and darkly funny, allowing character development of its protagonist throughout but when the plot kicks into gear and threats begin to appear; the film starts to become frank and mentally undemanding. The earlier aspects of the film allowed me to question and judge the protagonist for his flaws, and throwing this away during the second half has made the film such an unbelievable chore to sit through; I simply did not care what happens to the characters, placing themselves in multiple situations that "endangers" their lives. It also does not help that the film's use the heavy ideas of spirituality, religion, life, and death as a mindless visual ride for the audience.As I have said previously, the film has an abundance of threats that the characters would have to face; utilising around three to four antagonists at once. It was simply unnecessary to have such a large number of threats, especially if neither of them have strong characterisation. I hated with a passion, the inclusion of the FBI investigator as his role did very little to the overall result; simply present to delay the protagonists from succeeding. The two central antagonists of the film are no doubt daring for a childish film of this nature, incorporating influences from the most frightening of real murderers, and if the film played more with it and conveyed it with a serious tone then its final hour wouldn't be too tedious. Also a quick note on the appearance of R. Lee Ermey, who brings back his iconic role from Full Metal Jacket; his comedic presence did bring a large grin on my face but he was simply there for the sake of being there, a break from its central plot. What a waste of such a great character and great performance.The Frighteners could have been great, something that could surpass its classic predecessors. Sadly it comes off worse; actually elevating its influences. I suggest only watch this film if one is a completest of a director's filmography.

Jesse R (ru) wrote: This movie shows you how a Vampire can stab his friend in the back. It was interesting seeing the Werewolf in this film, and this film was decent at best, but if you enjoy the Universal monster movies, you'll enjoy this one.

Claire A (us) wrote: weird film, couldn't decide whether it was a history play, comedy, romance or dooby.

Candi M (es) wrote: This movie was suspenseful, nail biting, with action. Then I like Morgan Freeman as an actor, he is very good actor..