Black Angel

Black Angel

A falsely convicted man's wife, Catherine (Vincent), and an alcoholic composer and pianist, Martin (Duryea) team up in an attempt to clear her husband of the murder of a blonde singer, who is Martin's wife. Their investigation leads them to confrontations with a determined policeman (Crawford) and a shifty nightclub owner (Lorre), whom Catherine and Martin suspect may be the real killer.

When Kirk Bennett is convicted of a singer's murder, his wife tries to prove him innocent...aided by the victim's ex-husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devilish G (gb) wrote: There is no wonder why this heart-wrenching movie based on true cases of sexual and physical abuse has caused public outrage. It's sentimental, but it's really moving. Props to the child actor and actresses.

Bobby D (ca) wrote: Mitani's sophmore film effort starts out pretty strong but about 1/4 of the way either it seems he gives up on certain characters or somehow was rushed into production. Which is very strange considering the amount of time (4 years later) that this film came out after his classic "Welcome Back Mr. McDonald" which is just a solid film with great acting and comic plot twist writing. This film had a solid foundation but something seriously got lost in the construction of the overall film. Worthwhile but you feel dissapointed that it was meant to be something more.

Will C (fr) wrote: Really solid Western adaptation of King Lear. Surprisingly good for made for TV.

Michael D (ag) wrote: A poignant movie that you won't forget. Sridevi's and Kamal Hassan's performances are stellar.

Andrei D (us) wrote: There's even some Winstone in there

Leonardo Malacay S (de) wrote: resulta entretenida y es que las banda rulean y en especial las percusiones XD

Sonny R (gb) wrote: An intricate tale of deceit and cruel intent that contains some incredibly strong acting from the three leads. I consider Alec Baldwin to be one of the greatest actors of all time for a few very good reasons. He is commanding on screen, he possesses a natural charm and also a natural intensity that he can unleash simultaneously, and he always captures my attention and makes me fully interested in a story. Nicole Kidman gave the performance of a lifetime in this film. I was surprised by how convincing she was here. Kidman succeeds at almost outacting Baldwin but of course no one can upstage the great Alec Baldwin. Bill Pullman, although the weakest of the three players, is incredible as the primary lead. Pullman may be the weakest of the three leads but that does not mean that he is bad or not convincing in this film. Actually, stating that he is the weakest is not saying much since all three of the leads are absolutely extraordinary, especially Baldwin and Kidman. Bebe Neuwirth gives a notable performance as a detective. I really do not like explaining the plot of a movie in my reviews because I feel it is highly unnecessary so I will not go into the details of the story. I will say that it is a thriller that contains many twists and turns and it is not a film for the lazy viewer. Roger Ebert claimed in his review that this film is far too busy and has too many twists and turns. I do not agree with Ebert's views but I understand what he means. I like how a serial killer subplot was added in simply for atmosphere. This film is a brilliant little tale with a very appropriate title. The acting is the stuff of legend, and of course I'm referring to Baldwin and Kidman. These two players are incredible and delivered much more than I was originally expecting. This film is co-written by the awesome Aaron Sorkin, who I greatly admire. Malice is a malicious masterpiece, and I meant for that to sound clever but in a silly way.

Steve B (ca) wrote: Brando and Taylor are amazing in this twisted story of repressed sexuality and voyeurism. It was the first time I saw it with the original golden colour allover as the director wanted it. But I was surpised of how Julie Harris'husband wanted back Anacleito the Philippino after his wife death. He was his wife's man servant...

Perry W (ru) wrote: Maybe I'm being too critical, but the plot of this whole movie was them not agreeing on whether or not their battles should be regulated?!!! BORING!!!