Black Beauty

Black Beauty

Produced by Burbank Films Australia.

Produced by Burbank Films Australia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Black Beauty torrent reviews

Joshua L (fr) wrote: The movie is alright but some of the stuntwork is just fucking amazing.

Ai K (jp) wrote: yeni film yap mas san siktir

Richard B (it) wrote: Very relationshippy. Didn't think I'd like it, but I did. The "director" doesn't understand himself well... everyone in the film has big problems.

Wesley L (mx) wrote: def the worst of the worst video game to movie adaptation. i don't blame anyone walking out on this piece of garbage.

Pradeep B (fr) wrote: intense Love story ... without any dialogue between lovers....great majidi

Danny M (nl) wrote: They make no bones about the republicans doing this in the movie back in 92 and how ironic that it is a liberal democrat that almost the same thing is happening! My mother always said dont spit up in the air!

Loly L (fr) wrote: About silence, about life and the deafening thoughts of ours.

Rift S (de) wrote: My favorite Nightmare on Elm Street movie and the closest to perfect. The nightmares were sadistic and the actors were superb. the story was probably the best written. The only issues I had were Freddy's lines, the 2nd act can be skipped and Patricia Arquette's screams were annoying.

EQ R (jp) wrote: EQ REVIEWS: HitmanSince the reboot is coming later this year, I figured I would revisit the first go at making a film adaptation of the video game series, "Hitman". First off, the movie is filmed quite well and director Xavier Gens did a great job with the action scenes in particular. The best parts of the film is watching Agent 47 do what he does best, and those parts were extremely entertaining. While Timothy Olyphant dons the bald head, suit and red tie just fine, it's the actual film, particularly the script that doesn't quite turn an enjoyable video game into an enjoyable movie. The plot of the film really has nothing to do with the video game. With the exception of the first 15 minutes, the film really felt like the tired plot of "an assassin gets double crossed by his organization and seeks revenge" featuring the character from this popular video game thrown in. Not just that, the plot holes and predictable cliches are endless with side characters (one female in particular who shouldn't be a main character) that you care nothing about. Now these problems wouldnt mean all that much if the movie didnt take itself as serious as it did, and if the movie would have actually been a non-"Hitman" movie instead of being an adaptation of the game. With the exception of the well filmed action scenes, tight pacing and a nice turned in performance from Olyphant, this movie has nothing going for it in the way of good storytelling or interesting characters. Maybe the reboot will be the one to get it right. C-

Ida T (au) wrote: I remember seeing this on television when I was younger, and I thought it was okay, had some really dramatic, sad scenes... well, watching it again, for whatever reason, those dramatic, sad scenes (which are pretty much every single scene in this pointless film) just made me laugh at how cheesy, over-the-top, stylized and just awful they were, it's just a long soapy line of melodramatic ups and downs that lead nowhere, and it made me sick to the stomach to watch. A couple of the actors in this ensemble I really like, and even those I'm not personally fond of I can objectively say are talented performers, but none, not a single one of them, displays anything but emotional masturbation in this picture as far as I am concerned. Of course I blame this on the director, and the writer, not the actors themselves, but damn... can I have those two hours of my life back, somehow, please?

Sam B (fr) wrote: a classic that does change most aspects of the source material, and some scientific innacurasies that even when the movie was made are totally unforgivable, but it is a delightful movie I would highly recommend