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Joe S (kr) wrote: Although the movie is vague in plot, the film seemed very much like a documentary on the life of a high class Manhattan escort. I found myself mesmerized by "Chelsea" aka Christine played by adult film actress Sasha Grey. She's laconic in nature and shows very little emotion. But she has to be acting as the pseudo girlfriend to her clients. She doesn't allow herself to get to close to them. It's fascinating to see her as she goes through her daily life with her clients, her live-in personal training boyfriend and her friends. The characters seem very real even though not all are acted well. Its rare that i'm impressed by a film that is all dialogue and human interaction. The film is very dry and it tends to jump to different points out of nowhere. But what I liked was the way you see the characters, as a fly on the wall. And what I really liked was the performance by Sasha Grey. She's captivating yet bland. She's confident yet she shows you her vulnerable side. Because when it comes down to it even an escort who charges $2000 an hour for whatever you want, and as cold as she tends to be, at the end of the day she still wants to feel like she's wanted just like everyone else.

Robert G (ag) wrote: Incredibly unrealistic, but it that's forgivable in a horror film. However, it suffers from bad acting, which is almost never forgivable. It has a few scares and quite a few good parts, but it doesn't hold up too well.

Evan W (ca) wrote: Great little documentary. Really in depth, really well made, GREAT soundtrack

Tim A (es) wrote: Shit ignore very very shit! What a waste of 5 minutes watching. Only posting to warn my friends to avoid wasting precious life.

Mark J (ru) wrote: Vigilante justice at its best (despite Danny fuckin dyer!)

Osama E (ru) wrote: And suddenly Mr. Zhang has decided to let me down.

Orlando M (kr) wrote: everybody in colombia must see this movie

Amro G (it) wrote: A tasty morsel - brilliantly acted!

Jaen H (us) wrote: I liked it, I saw this in the theater and was hooked ever since. Like it a lot. Weird ending but oh well.

Shawn W (us) wrote: The murder of the mayor's daughter results in an angry ex-cop being hired to follow the lead (but innocent) murder suspect only to uncover a trail of evidence that leads right back to an official at city hall. Written and directed by one of my favourites, David A Prior. Plot is much more by the books than what I've seen from Prior during his AIP days and I can't help but wonder if Prior's creativity was stifled by the studio in this offering. Notable for being Pam Anderson's second film.

Janette R (gb) wrote: Cute but slow. When several years pass it seams like it has just been a year. The time lapse wasn't very good.

Brian B (us) wrote: More of the same. There's not a lot that was added to the formula to make this one stand out.

Amy H (de) wrote: Interesting enough for a scifi movie

Sean G (ca) wrote: Just another "Burt Reynolds" movie. Let's see: Sally Field, a Trans Am and lots of Coors beer. If you were a fan of "The Fall Guy" TV series with Lee Majors, you can probably thank this movie for it's inspiration.

nipp s (kr) wrote: Larry David being Larry David. Yeah it's funny and awkward but it doesn't offer anything I can't get by watching old episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I didn't want to compare it to Curb because that's what everyone is going to do, the problem is when you play the same character over and over it leads to comparisons. I almost didn't give this the extra Michael Keaton star but I did because you know... He's Batman...

Damien O (br) wrote: It's unfortunate that the critics rated this film so low, saying things like the movie "fails to deliver" or that the plot has things "we don't care" about. This has to be one of the best vampire/werewolf movies of all time, and has to be compared as such--so many films of this genre cannot even come close to how excellent this movie was. No shiny vampires. Werewolves that were actually hybrid beasts and not just [email protected]$$ wolves.Many of these critics are comparing this movie to other movies in general, and for that, the rating is probably apt. But if you're a vampire/werewolf movie kinda fan, this is one of the best movies out there, hands down.