Black Bread

Black Bread

In the harsh post-war years' Catalan countryside, Andreu, a child that belongs to the losing side, finds the corpses of a man and his son in the forest. The authorities want his father to be made responsible of the deaths, but Andreu tries to help his father by finding out who truly killed them. In this search, Andreu develops a moral consciousness against a world of adults fed by lies. In order to survive, he betrays his own roots and ends up finding out the monster that lives within him.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Catalan,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:revenge,   horse,   homophobia,  

In the harsh post-war years' Catalan countryside, Andreu, a child that belongs to the losing side, finds the corpses of a man and his son in the forest. The authorities want his father to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruce H (nl) wrote: Uneven movie. At times witty, at times heavy-handed. Marisa Tomei and both Cusacks were great.

Thomas N (es) wrote: Lille spansk/mexikansk produceret action- gangsterfilm af den ifoelge mig underholdende slags. Tempoet er frisk og den er, uden at den er vildt blodig, forholdsvis brutal og raat iscenesat, selv om det rystende kamera sine steder bliver for meget. Historien er ikke saerlig trovaerdig, men dog ret spaendende og ogsaa overraskende. Objektivt set ville det nok max vaere en film der fortjente 2 og en halv til 3 stjerner, men jeg foelte mig fanget hele vejen og giver den en halv stjerne mere.

AD V (br) wrote: Technically amazing, wonderful follow up to Night Watch. Even though it was hard to follow at times I absolutely loved it .

Adam F (fr) wrote: "Pootie Tang" isn't an intellectual comedy and sometimes the jokes become dumb and repetitive but when it works it's a lot of fun and there's a lot of memorable stuff about it. The best thing about the movie is the titular character. He's got unique maneurisms and a speech pattern that is this weird blend of gibberish, mumblings, street slang and ebonics and it's very funny to hear. When you hear him speak you know why everyone loves "Pootie". There's a lot of energy from the performers (watch them dance their heart out to a blank cd and you'll be convinced) and that weird surprise comedy that catches you off-guard and will totally get to you. There are some characters who's running jokes aren't very funny the second, third and subsequent times around but most of them aren't on the screen too often so it's not really an issue. Chris Rock plays 3 characters in total though and that's 2 too many, he get annoying and really isn't that good.If the movie had been any longer than the 1hr and 10 minute running time it would start cannibalizing itself and the jokes that were funny once or twice would have been recycled even more but the movie ends quickly, the number of good jokes outweight the bad and there's some big laughs here. It's too bad the movie doesn't play more into the "Blacksploitation" genre with cursing, violence, blood and nudity, but fans of those films will enjoy the humour here. "Pootie Tang" isn't for everyone and some people will find it simply stupid but if you like it, you'll really get a kick out of it. (Dvd, February 17, 2013)

Robert I (au) wrote: A step back. Why did they withhold that one Bash Brother!?!? BRING HIM BACK SOONER!!! I miss Emilio...

Debbie L (au) wrote: This is pretty bad to be perfectly honest. I watched it because I'd heard that it was an entertaining movie. It doesn't look like it was made in 1995 at all.

Michael W (kr) wrote: Criminal is banished to outer space penal mining colony where he leads a daring escape. Retired sharpshooter mops up the cons. Farnsworth is always good, partially propping up the underfunded venture; Pare adds little here. Contains an explosive rock soundtrack.

Scott M (us) wrote: Okay comedy. Not as mean spirited as I was expecting. Some of the early scenes show characters getting put down and mistreated, but in the end, they gain the acceptance of their peers. Having never been on a summer camp, many of the jokes went over my head.

Joshua G (de) wrote: An epic near-masterpiece, both groundbreaking and relentless in it's vision. Superbly acted, wonderfully created and brought to the screen thanks to the bravery of Frank Capra and the writing of Riskin and Hilton. A phenomenal result for the 1930's.

Orhan D (mx) wrote: New York, stanbul ve Bitlis geninde geen film tm eksiklerine ve senaryo hatalarna ramen Trk filmlerinin yurtd tantm asndan ve sylenemeyen konular beyazperdeye aktarrken sergiledii cesaretli anlatm kurgusu ile kanmca film baarlyd. Her ne kadar Mahsun filmlerinde ajitasyon unsurunu had safhada kullansada tebrik etmek lazm. Oyunculuklara gelince keke Mahsun ve Mustafa Sandal kadroda olmasayd. Filmde baya bir srttlar. Haluk Bilginer ise adeta yaayan efsane. Oynad her filmin tasn kabiliyeti sayesinde st seviyede tutabilen nadir oyunculardan. Mutlaka izleyin.

Dan K (de) wrote: Interesting story on a life that most wish they could have lived themselves, hanging with A-list "in crowd".

Cody B (au) wrote: Wow, yeah, tried to rewatch this and it really was the worst. It's like every single person working on this film just phoned it in. From the sound to the music to the props, even. Just everything was like no body cared.