Black Briefs

Black Briefs

Six dark-themed gay short films, including: SPRING, A young man meets a stranger for S&M sex, an experience that will change his life forever. REMISSION, As a man awaits the results of a biopsy at his secluded cabin, his dread amplifies when he suspects that he may not be alone WINNER TAKES ALL, The unapologetic manipulator Ryker engineers a fight between his two boyfriends ... with Ryker himself as the ultimate prize. PROMISE, Stu and Chris appear to be the perfect couple, but past indiscretions are revealed on the eve of their wedding, causing unforgivable actions that both will regret. VIDEO NIGHT, What starts out as a fun night making videos goes terribly wrong when a group of friends discover something unexpected in the raw footage. COMMUNICATION, The story of an Orthodox Jewish student who unexpectedly inherits the estate of his estranged mentor and discovers a painful truth about their relationship.

Six dark-themed gay short films, including: SPRING, Directed by Hong Khaou (13 minutes) - A young man meets a stranger for S&M sex... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tarina M (de) wrote: good movie if you like western types

suchi s (gb) wrote: the movie which represents my character

Carlos M (it) wrote: An entertaining film in which Maher approaches in an eye-opening manner the undeniable danger represented by religion and the logical nonexistence of virtue in faith, although he also waters it down a bit by mainly targeting the most stupid kind of people that he can find.

Richard S (it) wrote: funny, subtle comedy about a group of people in a small town and their messed up lives.

Michael V (br) wrote: This is a dismal film. I think is was created due to some studio's requirement to hire special needs people.

Pip N (jp) wrote: One of the few films in an overcrowded genre to realistically and artfully portray what it's like to be a cop. A slow start, but your patience will be rewarded. Excellent performances across the boards, especially the two leads, Bill Sage & Bill Dawes. The ending is a shocker, but on reflection, it all makes sense.

Andrew B (fr) wrote: It has moments of brilliance, but like Lynch's Dune, Lost Highway is first and foremost a bit of a mess.

M C (it) wrote: This movie is highly underrated. It's humor is smart and racy, and the plot is compelling. In a it's a very good comedy. 74/100

Dustin D (ca) wrote: The whole family will appreciate the realistic drama interwoven with innocent, dreamlike fantasy sequences. Miyazaki's animation is charming with great attention to detail.

Cesar C (kr) wrote: Zelig is definitely one of Allen's most distinct films, despite the humor in it being consistent with the absurd-yet-brilliant style of his earlier work. Before watching it, I had since seen another more recent film in which he borrowed the Mockumentary storytelling used here and after watching Zelig, I'm convinced this it seems to be a natural way for him to create an well-made story. Not only was the plot unique, but the comment in it was an interesting take on social expectations. Excellent.

Champ S (mx) wrote: satire and funny in an interesting way.