Black Coal, Thin Ice

Black Coal, Thin Ice

Two former cops start investigating the series of murders that tanked their careers when the killings begin again.

An ex cop and his ex partner decide to follow up on investigation of a series of murders that ended their careers and shamed them, when identical murders begin again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ravan Florentin P (de) wrote: stupid flashback ending crap

Kamweti M (fr) wrote: extremely tedious, wildly gripping

Wahida K (mx) wrote: He had no superpowers, just his fists and guts.

Yousuf A (es) wrote: Not really that good...but what are you expecting out of a straight-to-dvd van damme movie?

Emma H (ru) wrote: This movie is very beautyful and have a Great story and cast.I know that I saw it in the cinema but just like that time and now when I saw this movie again on Tv I feelt like someting was realy off in the end.I use to realy like this kind of movie but even for me this gets to much or maybe not enough even.Some parts is realy bad looking and obvious fake, like when they ride in many places.The romance is god to me but many relationships is weard, like how the Boys father is and grandfather meens His father wasnt White and "perfect" either? Actually I never get how all know eatch other.The Boys was alot like Mowgli but after alot of the same words from him he just got cutebut all ways of talking, singing? And show nature or spirits magic just didnt work to feel for himlike Mowgli.H jackan did realy Great but some parts got confusing if he was realy cuddly and bleeding or more macho man, even just what he wanted beside breeding horses was unsure.N kidman did almost to much feelings in this one to fast, in the begining I like her but when she started tocare for the Boy more it got wrong somehow.Over all I get tired of this movie and start to think of other things watching it, 2 Times I think it will end bad and godbut it keeps going on. Worst is that when I watched it when tinking on other stuffs to do, see the bad parts very well and even when the cast is soGreat and act great their personality never get strong so I understand and feel with them. Some parts even just get talking but could get Great watching these places instead. So in the end I still want to see more becouse I still dont get the personality or what they will do after the eeding, but aell I just want it to end when its so long!But when the ending Come I just feel empty, whats happening? I dont feel like its a happy ending like if it had end 1 hour earlierIt feelt cut off and what could have happen in the start to, I almost cried for N kidman in the end that show strong emotion to the boy and not like it was alright.I think the badguy do a Great work do but maybe to obvious in the begining.So Austrailia the country gets many points for its nature and god cast in this movie but badpoints how the story is told and tries to be someting big it cant.

Francisco L (es) wrote: Excellent dark atmosphere which can make this movie creepy, with interesting characters and interesting narrative, Monster House bring to us a movie full of actions that the kids will love. However with a lot of cliches, bad script and predictable narrative.

Yulisa C (es) wrote: Master!! I liked this movie.

Alex W (fr) wrote: Very good film whos only weakness is it gets slightly cartoonish. The INS agents are a little over the top, and having one person from every country represented is distracting. most of the bad things happening to immigrants are done by immigrants.

Ines P (fr) wrote: magical movie for cat lovers and environmentalists

Marcie F (mx) wrote: scarey... but a good movie.....

explodingboy1989 (es) wrote: Starring Rutger Hauer, 'Omega Doom' is one of the few halfway decent outings from "one of the most vituperated directors of all time" Albert Pyun. This movie is pure Pyun too; it has all the usual suspects and reeks of Pyun's MO: obnoxious, wise-cracking female cyborgs, dystopian/post-apocalyptic landscapes, and a highly eroticized cyber punk sensibility melded with inpenetrable but engaging themes (man, machine, hope, despondence). It has all the ingredients that made his most successful films (Cyborg, Nemesis) work. Rutger Hauer is the lead character, Omega Doom/Guardian Angel, a cyborg programmed to kill humans, but is shot in the head in a bloody war at the beginning, loses his memory, and now is awol in some ghost town and gets into all sorts of Yojimbo/Last Man Standing hi-jinks. I was a big fan of Hauer growing up- stuff like 'Split Second,' Wanted' and, of course, 'the Hitcher,' were off-the-chain and I ate his output up with a spoon. He's pretty good here, and doesn't seem to mail it in at all. The secondary character aren't too memorable- we have, as mentioned previously, the wise-cracking cyborg chicks (which reminded me of the cyborg chicks in Nemesis)- they engage in more talk than action, exchange a few cold, sardonic quips, and get dealt with accordingly by Hauer at the end. There's another dude at the beginning who has these bad, blue contacts like Vincent Klynn in 'Cyborg.' There's also a "head," a cyborg getting kicked around by the baddies in the town and always seems to lose his body. He was more annoying than anything else, and the special effects for his head were total bad sci fi DTV. This movie is like most of Pyun's movies- overly short, high on inane dialog, and taking place on maybe three or four sets tops. I guess a good amount of action happened, but like many of Pyun's films, you feel almost like nothing happened. This movie shares many kinships with the dystopian themes of 'Cyborg' and Pyun's best realized work 'Nemesis,' but there doesn't seem to be too much room to explore them here because everybody spends half the movie talking or waiting for the ten minute spagetti western guitar theme to stop before they draw on each other. It's obvious watching this that Pyun was heavily influenced by Sergio Leon in the feel and way he sets up the exposition and action, and I can't say it was a total failure. He pulls it off quite well, but again, the movie is just too short. I am a fan of this because I saw it back in the day, but I watched it again recently with 'Nemesis' and Cyborg and found that it lacks 'Nemesis'' substance, and the drive-in fun of 'Cyborg.' Nonetheless, there are worse movies you could be watching (like Good Luck Chuck).

Art S (fr) wrote: Sensitively observed post-war Japanese drama about a young wife (Setsuko Hara) who yearns to return to the freedom of her single life and to escape the drudgery of cooking and cleaning and a husband who seems to take her for granted. As so often in Naruse's films, we see characters (primarily women) who must resign themselves to the bitter pill that life makes them swallow. Here, the "happy ending" that brings the couple back together is really just another acknowledgment that life is about compromise and disappointment (but this may in fact be a realistic view). Not my favorite Naruse -- the later ones with Hideko Takamine are even more wickedly depressing.

David L (br) wrote: Mrs. Miniver is somehow incoherent and it has some mood problems, but it also has magnificent performance from Greer Garson, always dear presence of Henry Travers, some endearing moments and great ending. It is an unrightfully underrated and forgotten film that, while not a classic, is an all-around worthwhile experience.

Brandon S (us) wrote: Fred Olen Ray's finest work, which really isn't saying much has aged pretty poorly but is still fun low budget horror. An private eye is hired to find someone's daughter but ends up stumbling accross a group of chainsaw weilding hooker cultist and trouble ensues. Sounds as bad as it is, but that's the greatest part. Packed with nudity and gore from start to finish with Linnea Quigley as an added bonus, not to mention one of the greatest titles ever.

Jason S (fr) wrote: Ben Affleck makes for a good a**hole, can't pass up seeing Justin Timberlake in another movie...not too bad

Tim Q (it) wrote: If the chamber of commerce were to approve a movie that included beautiful shots of their city with their museums, landmarks, and streets, and you told them it's also a dark movie about obsession, and they we're still okay with it, this would be the movie. It's a colorful movie with a great score.