Black Cobra

Black Cobra


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1981
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Black Cobra torrent reviews

Jase N (au) wrote: (Zachary Gordon), is back for three times the fun in the latest film based on the super-popular book series! When Greg's dad (Steve Zahn) threatens to send him to military school if he dosen't stay out of trouble, Greg finds all-new ways to land himself in the doghouse! For starters, Greg's in over his head when he pretends to work at the swanky country club where Rowley's family has a membership. Things don't go much better on a father-son camping trip with the wilderness explorers, and then there's the heffley's new dog , sweetie, who fetches even more trouble for Greg in this hilarious family film!

Rachel A (jp) wrote: This movie is absolutely brilliant. It's a documentary about a documentary and neither is real. I don't think the term "mockumentary" is quite right for this simply because of how delicately and sensitively it's all handled. The Treadaways play the conjoined brothers wonderfully, to the point where (if you didn't know better) you might actually think that this is some odd footnote in rock history that neither you nor any of your friends know a thing about.So yes, it's a bit strange and not your normal Hollywood tripe, but it's a fantastic movie. The sound team deserve trophies.


Joel A (ru) wrote: With a title like this I can understand why people may avoid this film but I recommend they try it since it is a great film that's a delight to watch.Although it's very offbeat & black at times it's a funny film with all very real & likeable characters that you believe in.The story is simply about a man who wants out & finds life in an unusual way & finds his life is important to some others. It's not a typical film but it's a delight to watch, a real pleasant surprise.

Ritwik A (gb) wrote: Don't watch this movie for cinematic experience or art. This movie is totally enjoyable only of you watch it with your spouse for a romantic evening. What to watch out: Background music, Mickey Rourke's charm and Otis's beauty and some amazing chemistry between them.

Ed M (jp) wrote: Not bad, but wouldn't watch again. Barrymore looks good and older than 14. There are some messed up people in this movie - kind of reminded me of U-Turn how they got stuck in a little messed up town.

Claire T (ca) wrote: loved it, but it's not has good I think has clash of the titans or Jason and the Argonauts but still a good movie, it was a great film and I would love it on DVD, it starred Patrick Wayne, Jane Seymour and Bernard Kay

Matt H (au) wrote: I usually find Hithcock's quirkiness annoying, but it's much more subdued here, and actually serves this great story with an interesting focus on background cues. Really liked it. Don't talk to anyone in the dining car. Hard lessons learned.

Darla S (ru) wrote: Hyped up wayy too much. Good music. Story fell short. Would love to see more of Barbara Mori in Bollywood, she's beautiful.