Black Cobra

Black Cobra

One man travels across country, smuggling illegal black diamonds to sell in order to pay for his father's pardon in South Africa.

A South African man travels across country, smuggling illegal black diamonds to sell in order to pay for his father';s pardon in South Africa. He has to fight betrayal and corruption after arriving in the United States to complete his mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David A (it) wrote: Though this film is much more easier to follow, "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" fails to deliver a decent script or a worthy adversary for our heroes. Moriarty was supposed to be Holmes's nemesis. A man who can match his wits and intelligence. However, the only thing I got from him is his henchmen doing all the dirty work and mostly him sitting on a chair talking, talking, and talking. Not much action coming from him. Plus how come no one recognized Holmes in his silly costumes? Not even the bad guy could recognized him and he's smart too! Ugh! This definitely felt like a cash in, lazily made sequel.

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Ryan B (ca) wrote: Predictable, but well acted and has some heart.

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Scott W (us) wrote: Ye Gods! This is horrible!

Ken D (it) wrote: Very unfunny and very annoying to watch. It almost seemed like work to watch this. When you look at who is involved, this should be comic gold, but instead, it is a waste.

Greg W (br) wrote: gr8 to look at that's about all

Rex M (nl) wrote: Pretty much the same as any other cheech and chong film, though this one is really only chong. Which is good since he was the funnier of the two anyway. It is worth a watch if you like stoner flicks.

Mary Kathryn P (kr) wrote: A fantastically classic example of film noir even if Robert Mitchum is only capable of portraying one emotion.