Black Cross

Black Cross

In the 15th century the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is facing a hard struggle against the neighboring Teutonic Order.Frequent clashes between the two powers finally culminate in 1410 with the Battle of Grunwald.

A tale of a young impoverished nobleman, who with his uncle returns from a war against the order of the Teutonic Knights in Lithuania. He falls in love with a beautiful woman and pledges an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave C (us) wrote: Brilliant from start to finish. Unique, intelligent and amazing cinematography. Well done!!

Anatoly S (es) wrote: A fantastic documentary with plenty of surprising twists. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

jay f (ca) wrote: Could not understand there Uk slang, but seems to look like a good movie, just a lil bummed out I couldn't understand them

shai l (ca) wrote: Charlene Choi is too loud, and almost everybody is. By the 10th minute, I quit just because I can't stand it. Can't everybody sound like Ekin Cheng for once?

Aviva P (gb) wrote: An amazing, amazing film! See it!

WS W (it) wrote: BBC's periodic drama would seldom let you down.

Scarlett Z (jp) wrote: I adore this film. Terribly sweet. Incredibly funny. Excellent cast. By far Zhang Yimou's best film to date.

bill b (kr) wrote: despite the nice beginning and the long take shot the rest is..... hmmmm

Tharun M (br) wrote: Loved it ... a Must see for Kevin Bacon fans .. Amazing performance by both ... A So True movie

Zoran S (kr) wrote: Visually amazing and gripping film about how to treat patients in a mental institution. It's less a melodrama than a serious political statement about democracy and the Enlightenment.

David S (mx) wrote: Was just an ok mystery thriller drama. Nothing too special at all, feel like I've seen the angry dad seeking revenge on a dead family member before.

Joe O (ca) wrote: Ray Liotta and Jason Patric give the performances of their careers in Joe Carnahan's gripping cop drama. Exceptional direction and a mesmerising final act elevate this film over its familiar cop drama tropes to deliver a engrossing thriller.

Kristina K (nl) wrote: Someone pls like the movie...!!! Ahh...NO!