Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Horror master Ulli Lommel is back with a terrifying tale of a copycat killer in Los Angeles. A young rookie cop and his team discover dismembered female bodies in L.A. similar to the Black Dahlia cold case from 1947. A serial killer seems to be copying the brutal massacre of 1940s Hollywood starlet Betty Short - The Black Dahlia. Ultimately his investigation leads him to a frightening lair of death and torture, all part of a terrifying fantasy that the killer is trying to bring to life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   torture,   dancing,  

Three psychopaths go on a killing spree, recreating the Black Dahlia murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black Dahlia torrent reviews

Des S (de) wrote: I wasn't sure if this was going to be boring or even believable, but once you get into it, it's a really nice story.

Glen F (mx) wrote: Very good, with Dan Broad smoldering with rage and loss. Where do these Aussies learn to act so well? Must have a Royal Shakespearean Company in Sydney.The wife (Vicky Haughton) is also XLNT. The plot is not neatly resolved like brainless American movies.

Megan S (it) wrote: The movie itself had a good plot, but I wish they carried it out a bit better. The beginning was tedious. But all together, I liked it. I'd recommend it.

Andrew N (au) wrote: Forget "The Blair Witch Project", THIS is the scariest found footage movie of all time.

Larsweb 2 (ca) wrote: British comedy B-movie

Trista J (us) wrote: A cute and fun little family film.

Diane W (jp) wrote: Was recently introduced to this movie and absolutely loved it. 'Nuff said.

Minerva O (ru) wrote: Someone please tell me what I just wasted two hours of my life on... A mediocre film about a climbing adventure gone wrong and the countless lives that were sacrificed to save poor little Annie, that is what I wasted two hours of my life on. WHERE WAS THE PLOT! WHERE WAS IT! So predictable and so shallow. It was the classic, rescue mission movie. It's dangerous, people will die, the hot girl always lives, everyone's favorite characters die, the just get there in the nick of time, and then more things go wrong! BUT, I do have to give the writers credit for the nitro reaction in sun concept, that was not predicted. I thought the bombs were just highly unstable and could go off at any time; a slight curve ball for viewers. As for the characters in the movie, Peter and Annie were pretty basic. Peter has to sacrifice dad, Annie can't let that happen, big Peter killing dad tension between siblings; child's play. Of course Peter gets with the hot blond at the end even though they really only said like 5 words to each other throughout the whole movie and shared a lovely finger snapping scene together. Montgomery died, Aussie bros died (all pot head do in movies), and the Muslim guy died. Oh yeah, and Tom, but he was just kind of there as another dead body to put in the movie. So it only took like 4 rescue crew members to die until Annie could be saved (all hail Annie). Vaugh's death though was pretty nice in my opinion, his character counts for at least one of these stars because I did not see that one coming. I knew the dude was unrealistic and selfish, but a murderer?! He is one bad apple! He let Montgomery's wife die and shot an air bubble into Tom, dude knows how to do natural selection. I was impressed, but extremely saddened by his death. Also, another whole star in this impressive 2.5 rating is the special effects. Sure I could do some of those myself but they were pretty good for 2000. They really made the countless number of near death scenes really worth it in the end. Overall decent movie with a few unpredictable things, but for the most part it seemed like a really basic plot with the whole "dad tension" being exploited.

Steve G (gb) wrote: Usually considered the best of the Lewtons. I disagree. Though, quite good.