Black Dog

Black Dog

An ex-con takes a job driving a truck cross country. What he doesn't know is that the truck is filled with illegal weapons and now he must fight to survive and save his family.

For ex-con Jack Crews, the rules of the road are simple: Don't look at the cargo. Don't question the route. But once the truck is filled with illegal weapons, he must fight to survive and save his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black Dog torrent reviews

Anterria W (fr) wrote: not bad for a low budget movie

Irina Z (ag) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie, especially the book! It's a fun plot just wish they didn't change it a lot. Great cast too!

Mark K (ca) wrote: A good documentary which starts the process of historical perspective on the Second Iraq War. An amazing example of disastrous policy development when advisory mechanisms (i.e. government departments) become politicised at the leadership level. Worth a watch.

Mike B (it) wrote: Based on the other reviews, and being an admirer of Keyes, I do not want to ruin the story by seeing a reportedly mediocre film.

Private U (jp) wrote: Wonderful film, inspired by a Serge Gainsbourg song. Vanessa Paradis delivers a very strong performance, trying to seduce Grard Depardieu, who plays her father.

Mark M (ca) wrote: Instant movie classic

Jack B (jp) wrote: fun stuff, quick paced

Troy H (gb) wrote: Modern day Rome and Juliet with a gangsta twist.

Ashley H (it) wrote: The dialogue is dated and so is the reaction to son's marriage proposal to Ivy, but I enjoyed this movie. Sidney and Abbey make acting look like art. Abbey Lincoln exuded elegance, common sense and good sense of humor. I like the Austin family too. They seemed to care about their housekeeper and seemed ahead of their time in terms of race and class. They meant well even when they said wrong to Ivy and didn't seem to realize she wanted a better life for herself. Well worth watching.

Krunoslav K (ru) wrote: Megamovie, ancient myth transposed to the opposite place on Earth, Brazil, against a backdrop of carnival frenzy results in a perfect concoction of artistic value, emotions, storytelling, fabrication and even comedy.

Nathan C (de) wrote: Like Altman and Carver the combined geniuses in Short Cuts this film falls short of its amazingly high potential. Stephane is fabulous.

Smashproplaya (de) wrote: Good, but choose the original.

Pramod T (ca) wrote: A Lot of the movie suspense is lost when tony explains his murder plan to swann. The murder didnt live up to expectations. the plot remains weak though throughly mistake free. In the end it's just another classic hitchcock movie which is know for strong deliverance by the actors the finale where everything falls into place.

Blanqui C (br) wrote: Hilarios And Real Cute!!!!!!

Stephen G (mx) wrote: Should have won best picture. Tom Hanks is awesome. Spielberg delivers.