Black Field

Black Field

1654, Ottoman Empire, Greece. A Turkish Warrior arrives heavily wounded at a remote Christian female monastery and is nursed by Anthi, a young nun under the oath of silence. They fall in love against all odds. But Anthi is tormented by a dark secret. The two lovers escape in the nearby forest, where Anthi's secret is revealed: She is, in fact, a boy...

Greece, 1654. A seriously wounded Janissary arrives at a cloister situated on a cliff, and the sisters take him in and care for him. Sister Anthi, one of those who tends him, falls in love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black Field torrent reviews

Virgilio L (fr) wrote: Its raw an uncensored film making, more of this is needed. A critical eye inward

Farah R (ca) wrote: It's charming in a humorous way yet doesn't seem as entertaining by the end.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: Tense enough and with some good moments here and there, this thriller manages to entertain despite (or because of) its heavy-handed direction and a ludicrous plot whose greatest problems include a villain whose motives are ridiculous and a lame third act where little makes sense.

Ronnie D (ag) wrote: Entertaining rewatch

Stewart F (gb) wrote: Oh dear... That's an hour and a half of my life I won't get back!

Steph S (jp) wrote: Im not interested in this storyline.

Ben K (nl) wrote: the music is good but the movie is pretty dumb.

Lady D (es) wrote: Much better than I expected it to be. An interesting fight for survival and love

Andy G (ru) wrote: I've seen this movie several times, and always find it enjoyable. Tim Allen doing his thing. He's great in thee type of roles. Not too childish and not too adult, similar to his role on Home Improvement. I also found it interesting that the lead female role was played by Julie Bowen, who I now know from Modern Family , and a brief role on Lost. Also, Hayden Panettiere, who I know from Heroes plays Tim Allen's daughter. Both actors I wasn't really familiar with until their TV shows, so I found it quite surprising even though I had seen this film several times. Overall I gave this film 7.3/10* * I tend to rate movies higher than most people (sometimes even going over 10/10), simply because I tend to enjoy movies more often than others. To help put my rating in perspective, this movie scored better than approximately 35% of the movies I have reviewed since joining this site.

Andrew B (gb) wrote: Unapologetically imaginative and original, it's a freak meeting of the samurai and gangster genres and one that is perhaps surprisingly involving.

Peter S (jp) wrote: This movie is unknown to many which is a shame! It is a perfectly executed 'little movie' that impresses with the blackest humor! Zane once again (as he did in Dead Calm) plays the clever psycho among few (4 instead of 3 characters in this one!). He doesn't remain the only one though...Watch It!

Hama H (nl) wrote: its a movie with a bit of comedy and alot of action

Michael K (ag) wrote: It scores high because of the cool monsters (MOGERA and Space Godzilla), the plot is also not bad with the only sore spot being the Mothra/Twin Faries included YET AGAIN, were they needed, JUST to explain SpaceGodzilla's orgin?

Ian R (es) wrote: Sorry Chuck but this movie sucked. You'd think a concept like Chuck Norris VS the Devil would write itself, but then if you watched this movie, you'd see that it in fact does not. I guess the end was ok, but the rest was crap.

x x (us) wrote: An inspired, spirited farce of humanity breaking through the lifeless edifice of rigid modernity.

Alvin Y (nl) wrote: All that happened in Crimson Tide from the inside and outside of the submarine are real depicted in a scary and realistic way including a brilliant performances from Washington and Hackman. Do you remember The Hunt for Red October, brilliant film too.