Black Fox

Black Fox

A former slave affects peace between Indian tribes and homesteaders in 1860s West Texas.

A former slave affects peace between Indian tribes and homesteaders in 1860s West Texas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ville H (us) wrote: Tm oli aika hyv. Tavallaan dramatisoitu dokumentti.

Brahiam D (de) wrote: The movie was disappointing. Both Steve and Gil seemed immortal, and to top it off, ridiculous reactions and doings from EVERYBODY!

Mats B (kr) wrote: En dokumentr gjord enligt formulr 1A om en swingersklubb i New York mellan 1975-85 och dess karismatiske gare Larry Levenson.

Mihai L (ag) wrote: Viggo Mortensen is stern and calculated, reflecting the calm of a man who knows he's in charge of the situation, while not overdoing it. Naomi Watts is also great for her part, while the other castmates are OK but do not excel. A good movie that kept me engaged but not something i'd want to revisit, a solid 8/10.

Private U (au) wrote: Racy and visually stunning.

Lori B (it) wrote: Divided We Fall is one the nominees for the Foreign Language Film Oscar won by Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in 2000. This is a very different film than Ang Lee's martial arts masterpiece, but it's still a very strong film. There were points early this film when I admit I was thinking, "Another Holocaust movie? What's left to say?" But then the characters really began to engage me. Everyone here is human. The couple hiding the Jewish concentration camp escapee are not necessarily happy to be risking their lives. Others have already turned him away. Horst, their Nazi collaborator acquaintance is a boorish man, but even he has another, better side.

Jayson D (ru) wrote: Fat jokes and incest will not, and surely didn't, save this cliche mess of an SNL film.

mark j (us) wrote: for someone who basicly detests soap operas this movie was perfect. though slow and drawn out at times and over done, it was the perfect sarcastic approach to the soaps redundant, overdrawn and tiresome scripts. good, enjoyable cast who were surprisingly right for their parts, it seemed as though they enjoyed taking delight in acting out the spoof on the soap opera world. enjoyed it greatly.

John B (it) wrote: A hokey but very cute film about the man who can talk to the animals. The two headed llama and the giant sea snail are obvious fakes but they are still a delight for the kiddies. Rex Harrison is his usual charming self.

C A (de) wrote: You have stayed with me, Alan.