Black Hair

Black Hair

"Black Hair" Yeon-sil (Moon Jeong-suk) is the lover of crime boss Dong-il (Jang Dong-he). She pays off one of the boss's henchmen, Man-ho (Chae Rang), with whom she once had an affair; Man-ho is an opium addict, and he has been blackmailing Yeon-sil by threatening to disclose their past relations.

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Jacob K (gb) wrote: Another decent story from Scooby-Doo but now with a new added element of a musical that doesn't do anything for the film.

Chris H (it) wrote: An incredibly bad movie. 0 out of 10

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Anna P (br) wrote: As a film per se, rather diffuse. But ah, desperate gaiety! And I shall have to repress the urge to adopt a Bright Young People accent; too, too shy-making.

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WALKING DEAD F (nl) wrote: I really love this movie. it's def on my top 10 list.