Black Harvest

Black Harvest

Joe Leahy is the half-caste son of one of the first explorers of the Papua New Guinean interior. The documentary explores his relationship with the tribes that work his coffee plantation and explores what happens when the coffee market situation becomes more difficult.

Joe Leahy is the half-caste son of one of the first explorers of the Papua New Guinean interior. His relations with the local Ganiga tribe who work his coffee plantation on their land are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darine S (it) wrote: Very very good movie that totally went under the radar of 2012 & the ratings aren't really encouraging but I'm thrilled I ignored the facts & watched it anyway, enjoying it all for myself :D: : : : : S O I L E R A L E R T : : : : :Its mystery really, there are many events to take into consideration & really no single view that will explain the whole thing completelyIt maybe that this Margit lady is infact a ghost or a demon thats taking over mister Toms life & the only way he could stop her from causing more harm to the people in his life is to "Stay with her" !Or -and I'm more with this explanation- that Mister Tom over here is actually still sick -as he says himself- and he killed the man, He took Cloe & he Imagines Margit and the final scene is actually him Dying !The Problem with the first explanation is that GHOSTS DON"T EXIST (but thats more a personal belief of mine & not necessarily one of the film makers :D) While the problem with the second explanation is the Logistics, how does he access the apartment?, how did he know the name? I'll never know really not until many friends have seen it & many discussions have been conducted I could reach a verdict that am comfortable with.The music score for the movie was Sensational & worked perfectly with the overall mood

Kieran F (mx) wrote: WTF IS THIS? It's basically a REALLY REALLY bad Grind house version of "I Spit On Your Grave" and "Nuns with Big Guns" I don't know...WHY I watched this but...I did anyway. This is really one of the worst films I've ever seen. Like I haven't really walked out of films much(really only about three films so far This,I Spit n Your Grave and Texas Chainsaw Massacre The New Beginning) But this film made me just leave after about ten mins into the film past the opening credits. The story is just retarded,I don't even really remember it that much I just remember how ubsord it was, And the whole film is this disgusting vial film of rape and sex. Like I like sex as much as the next guy but this was just.....GOD....I can't even recommend this film to ANYONE. the only small saving grace this film has is the grind house style of shooting which is kind of interesting but it doesn't save the film and the trailer has this hilarious hill billy type guy doing it which is comical. Other then that this film is A DISGUSTING, VIAL,HORRENDOUSLY LARGE PILE OF SHIT Avoid it like an STD infested Woman at the bar.

Elton G (fr) wrote: This movie wasn't bad, but the cliched plot points and cheesy script take away from the epic action.

Ben J (nl) wrote: A feast for the senses visually (and attempts to communicate olfactory pleasures too - smell .. yes I had to look that up) and some great performances along the way (Rickman, Hoffman and excellent lead Whishaw - Q in the latest Bonds). The bonkers - and unconvincing - raunchy ending doesn't make too much sense, but is certainly original :P

Private U (gb) wrote: I simply loved the story so far and Bardem in that role. Another road-kinda-extaxistic movie. Watch it!

emma b (ca) wrote: A good comment on social tolerance

Joshua L (fr) wrote: lol as cheesy as this movie i still like it alot

Mark D (de) wrote: Alot better than 2 but stil only watchable. Saving grace is the Christian Bale/American Psycho esq killer who is quite comical and predates AP by half a decade. Doesnt take itself too seriously which also saves it from being utter shit.

Dave J (de) wrote: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 (1985) Just One Of The Guys TEEN DRAMA/ COMEDY Straight "A" college girl gets a 'good' rating for a contest paper which can get her into get her into the field of journalism work, and as a result of the best scores going to the male students, she takes the liberty of becoming a guy and then going back to junior high school again to prove to her teacher what a great journalist she is. Most unlikely scenarios which many things can happen but is restricted to specific situations to convenient the main actress. 2 out of 4

Marischa B (de) wrote: great idea....This film had many great ideas and the story was really great..but there was moments I felt bored...and didn't want to continue watching this..but I sticked around till the end.The acting was really great and the special effects were really good for an old film like this one..this was just not too exciting to watch. Overall C

Gus S (ca) wrote: The monsters themselves don't look that bad (in fact their costumes consumed half the films budget) and there is an o.k. set-up. But, the screenwriters wrote themselves into some real logic problems. How come the U.S. military was defeated by slow-moving monsters whose only weapons are primitive spears; I mean come on. Secondly, if these Slime People are able to build a machine that generates a fog shield how come they only have spears? I would thing gun-powder technology would come before giant fog dome technology.

Mary B (kr) wrote: Good fun. Haw seen it more than once.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: Good acting and a half interesting story.

Ps J (ru) wrote: i can see where The Raid got the inspiration from.but yeah this one has better cinematography and plot.what a fascinating movie.

Gemma M (us) wrote: While embracing the beauty of the fairy tale kingdom, Shrek manages to tweak them to a more true to life story in a "Beauty and the Beast" love story of a less than stereotypical princess and a down to earth ogre. With comedy suitable to both children and adults alike, Shrek is a definite comedy classic for the whole family to enjoy!

Gary S (jp) wrote: It ended too quickly and poor. Could have been such a better ending.

Derek M (us) wrote: Anna Faris is a delight, but she deserves better material here just as much as she almost always does.