Black Ice

Black Ice

The plot is not developed; in the film we see a man (he) and a woman (she) who, in fact, are neither connected nor familiar with each other; they casually met in hospital. "She" (Viktoria Tolstoganova) does not see that she is in danger in connection with her plan to use a tape with illegally made recordings as compromising evidence in court. "He" (Il'ia Shakunov, an actor of the Petersburg TYuZ) is a gay translator who, after the random meeting with her, is pursued by her image which frequently pops up in front of him. As a consequence, his relationship with a young boy no longer satisfies him. Both he and she lose sight of the meaning of life, because of their own inability to see others and to see love, as perception relies on proximity instead of distance.

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Samuel H (us) wrote: Singham! Terrible flick, but thoroughly entertaining, because: Holy sh** that dude just flipped a car with his bare hands and pulled the driver out as it was flying over him! There's really nothing else that needs to be said.

Bishwadeep G (fr) wrote: just 1 thing i would like to share is that this movie is the best example of how a good story can turn into a crap by it's climax ......

Graham B (de) wrote: A surly teenager comes of age in a Belgian coastal village.A soulful tale of first love performed by a decent ensemble. Shot with a sombre palette, which matches the mood of the piece. A worthy film for a debut feature director.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Superb, slow burning true story told with humanity and poignancy. It's remarkable that would easily could have been an exploitative, overblown thriller is instead a deeply touching, profound and empathetic small scale drama. Acted and written with honesty, this is a largely undiscovered gem of a film.

Asif K (ru) wrote: very different was nice and good performances although screenplay is weak could have been far better....................

Taha M (gb) wrote: It is not wroth watching if it were the last movie on earth. Utterly piece crap! Acting was pathetic. The story line ... actually there was no story line. This movie does not even qualifies for half a star, but sadly this is the lowest rating one can give here.

Emmanuel S (ag) wrote: For those you that are still complaining that they don't make sweet, nostalgic and heartfelt young romance films any more, obviously haven't seen 'Flipped' yet.

Nofita T (au) wrote: Interesting story, fabulous actors/actresses, beautifully captured... what more to expect? Already watched it four times now... one of my fav

Marina N (au) wrote: It's a good TV movie and Perry does a great acting job. I can't resist movies based on true events because just this fact makes them very engaging and emotional. Unfortunately, that's the only aspekt that brings life to the movie. The story is obviously predictable - and that can't be changed - but the way there could habe been shown with some more excitement. Nevertheless, just fine for TV.

Shaimaa S (gb) wrote: Awful movie. It started out with a promising premise, and Naim could have gotten away with HIS mediocre direction, if the movie didn't fizzle out toward the end BECAUSE OF HIS sloppy writing. It ruined my weekend!

Sen C (gb) wrote: Despite having its more than fair share of clumsy moments, Four Weddings and a Funeral has enough funny moments to be watchable.

Paul B (de) wrote: In such an illustrious filmography, Hannah and Her Sisters still manages to find itself amongst the top in Woody Allen's career.

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Pretty cool little horror/sci-fi. Doesn't break any conventions, but it's impressive for what they pulled off with the resources available.

Indi V (de) wrote: A man who wants to be "Normal" whatever that means in Fascist Italy, tries to be come that as he is told to carry out an assassination. Good plot, but it seems to be a bit... muddled in this film.Infuriating, might be a good word to use. The film doesn't really make us care about the plight of our protagonist. He wants to be normal, fit in, and while the film does a fairly solid job of showing us that performing an assassination might not be the most "normal" of things, it completely fails to show us how abnormal this view of normality is. Our man, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, does a solid job with what he's given, but what he is given isn't really enough. You would think a guy who wants to conform would be a grade A pushover, but he isn't, not to the extent one would believe. It's implied his character was molested as a child and that this is part of the reason he's such a conformer, but those two dots are never really satisfactorily connected. This actually leads to a curious scene towards the end where Trintignant meets his accuser, and calls him out for a critical action in the plot, but how the hell does Trintignant know it was his molester in the first place?It's pretty to look at, and maybe it demands multiple viewings, but for a first time viewing, it's a bit of a letdown.

G R (gb) wrote: A "sort of" classic plot... one of my favorite films. I love practically every scene, especially the last one. 3 1/2 out of 4

Dustin R (mx) wrote: balogna something sandwich. I don't remember.