Black Jack

Black Jack

Black Jack Murphy (Robert Woods) is the brains in an outfit of outlaws who rob the bank at Tusca City. All goes to plan with the heist but once the loot is safely obtained Jack's men lose no time in trying to double cross him. Wily Jack manages to outfox them at first and gets away with the cash but they soon catch up with him again and not only make off with the money but leave him crippled and carrying multiple causes for wanting revenge. This need for amends possesses Jack with an all consuming passion and he sets out to get even with each of his unfaithful former compadres but has his particular sights set on Indian Joe (Mimmo Palmara) and Sanchez (Rik Battaglia) who abused and killed his beloved sister. Source: SWDB

Following the robbery of a bank in the Wild West a gang gathers around Jack Murphy, their leader. Things go awry when Skinner, Reb, Mathias and the brothers, Bill and Gordon, realize Jack ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris W (br) wrote: For a movie based on a true story about Hasidic Jews working as drug mules trafficking ecstasy in the late 90s this movie was really dull.Sure, maybe the limitations are the result of this being a low budget indie, but I think it would have been worse as a big budget major studio affair. The real issue is that the idea is inspired, but the script, direction, and acting are all lacking. I liked the idea of a young guy torn between religious studies and making tons of money in the drug trade, but they really dropped the ball with the concept here. It all felt rehashed, unoriginal, and jut kinda blah. It doesn't help that the lead is done by Jesse Eisenberg. I like him, but he just doesn't really appear to be trying here. Justin Bartha however is awesome. He gives the best performance, is the most interesting character, and the focus clearly should have been on him. I wasn't totally bored, but I didn't really care a whole lot either. Also, the washed out look really didn't fit for me and seemed unnecessary. You could see it, but I would ONLY recommend it for hardcore completists.

Jim C (ru) wrote: Just released from prison, Eddie heads straight to his brothers house (wife and baby included) and establishes his complete lack of respect for Terry (his brother) immediately by inviting himself into the house unannounced and taking a shower. Who needs to be invited , it's family right ? Like most brothers, Terry welcomes Eddie with open arms and throws a party that night on his behalf. Eddie reunites with a old flame but prefers his brothers wife and being the better looking of the 2 he easily gets her. His brother puts a roof over his head, feeds him and loans him money . A good dose of reality here because this is how most people show their appreciation for inviting them to live in your house when you have nowhere else to go.What more could you ask for when you have a place to live with no rent, you have food, your brother loans you money and you get to screw his wife while he is at work to support you and the slut. Eddie buys a clunker Corvette for transportation and to get back into drag racing which landed him in prison to begin with. After landing a job where his brother and estranged Father work he quickly realized the need to supplement his income by ? You guessed it ....., stealing. His brother also "works" for the same guy who. runs a body shop and buys stolen cars for parts etc. Now Eddie can get rid of the clunker and buy a easily 20k-30k classic shiny red Camaro to race and take his brothers wife for romantic little drives.The lil slut is eager to please and is having the time of her life. Alas it is to be a short lived romance when as they always eventually do, Terry finds out. Of course the 2 lovebirds are sobbing and crying just ate up with remorse and I once heard a DA put it perfectly with these situations, "They are sorry alright, sorry they were caught" Which is the truth. They were living it up having a blast with no concern whatsoever for anyone but themselves.The ending was surprising I will admit. A interesting movie which does not attempt to sugarcoat how close friends and family will not hesitate to stab you in the back when you have a wife they are attracted to and if they are better looking, it is so easy it's not even funny.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: Probably the worst of the Gremlins rip offs...The Ghoulies were cute, the Critters roled around but the Munchies are just stupid.