Black Killer

Black Killer

The town of Tombstone is overrun by Ramon, Pedro, Miguel, Ryan and Slide -- five outlaw brothers who are taken on by gunslinger Burt Collins and a deadly lawyer.

The town of Tombstone is at the mercy of the five dreaded O'Hara brothers: Ramon (Antonio Cantafora), Pedro (Enzo Pulcrano), Miguel (Calogero Caruana), Ryan (Antonio Danesi)& Slide (Mimmo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black Killer torrent reviews

Yasmin T (de) wrote: This gives me hope for mainstream Filipino cinema. Joel Torre, I love you!

Linda C (ca) wrote: I actually liked this film as it it did not follow the usual Hollywood formula.

J M (nl) wrote: An insult to the legacy of Gram Parsons. The paper-thin plot is a given, but the final product is unlikable, never funny, and very cheaply produced. I don't mind Knoxville, but he's used as a puppet here, as are the fine supporting actors Michael Shannon and Robert Forster. I have no idea what Applegate was going for - she fails entirely.

Atheer O (ca) wrote: well made tense thriller!

Darbie S (ru) wrote: Easy to watch, even for adults

Justin R (fr) wrote: So bad, yet so good! The acting was atrocious! That's probably even an understatement. The gore was cheesy as could be, but it was just fun. The film's conclusion was excellent. Montag the Magnificent is awesome!