Black Knight

Black Knight

Martin Lawrence plays Jamal, an employee in Medieval World amusement park. After sustaining a blow to the head, he awakens to find himself in 14th century England.

Jamal (Martin Lawrence), an employee of the Medieval World amusement park, suffers a blow to the head and wakes up in 14th Century England. There, Jamal teaches rebels some helpful football, golfing, and boxing moves, before he dons the armor of the awesome "Black Knight"! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John T (ca) wrote: This movie was pretty horrible. Although it did have some funny parts, it was nothing more than a way to show off a bunch of naked chicks... that being said... it did have a bunch of naked chicks in it... so ... there's that...

Ajay N (kr) wrote: Refreshing & very original thriller.......

Thomas T (it) wrote: Love the Looney Tunes. Enjoyed Looney Tunes: Back in Action.

Niall M (ca) wrote: Great movie in terms of dialogue and entertainment, fair enough the history might not be very accurate but it is well worth watching.

Grant K (au) wrote: Not as great as the source material, but still a superbly acted, beautifully shot and disturbingly compelling film. Cinema level work in a tv-level picture.

Caitlin R (gb) wrote: Haaah I used to be obsessed with this movie.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: This is a hilarious movie. Laughed more in the first fifteen minutes than any other movie I've ever watched before in my life.

Nico N (nl) wrote: Stephen Chow and Ng Man Tat are legends

Jeffery B (jp) wrote: So many on here have added nothing but bad reviews to this awesome movie which to me is rediculous!! This movie is one of the best scifi/horror flicks of the 80's. Nobody cares that the actress had drug problems or drinking problems as Drew grew up. If your going to review and comment on a film, it should have nothing to with one's personal life. Either you like it, kinda like it or don't care for it at all, then just say so and cut to the chase already.

Saad C (nl) wrote: Unlike tragedies like Romeo and Juliet and Othello, this story has it's own original take on two lovers in turmoil. Overall, the tale is a well told one, but is really depressing, especially since it ends rather sadly. Besides that, the film has good actors and a couple of good songs.

Zack B (kr) wrote: Great movie. It's totally incorrect in portraying Robert Stroud as a kind gentlemen, but judged just as a film it's one of Lancaster's best films. The story is about Robert Stroud and his journey in prison for almost his entire live. He finds sanction in birds and becomes an important figuere in bird medicine and teachings. Without a doubt Burt Lancaster's best performance, "BOA" should be viewed as a study of human life and meaning rather than a bio on Stroud, who was really a big dickhead. Fantastic film!

Rory Fyfe S (ca) wrote: Well acted movie. Great story. Good Ron Howard film.

Gareth M (mx) wrote: Very cheap very nasty. The whole clockwork orange part pointless also

Daniel M (fr) wrote: While it's definitely not Pesci's finest film, it's both hilarious and occasionally heartwarming yet slightly low-budget. Despite it's small flaws, this film is a highly underrated masterpiece.

Ruthie R (de) wrote: Well it was certainly shiny.