Black Magic

Black Magic

Hypnotist uses his powers for revenge against King Louis XV's court.

Hypnotist uses his powers for revenge against King Louis XV's court. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrienne L (us) wrote: I thought this was raunchy fun. Watching Josh Brolin trying to pass off a bad english accent was alone worth the cost of a cheap purchase. I liked it but apparently I'm the only one. Not great, but funny. Sometimes a girl just needs something tacky.

Takee A (es) wrote: This was indeed a very fun, unique & awe-striking experience. The animations were ok, the directing was great by Shawn Levy & the visual effects were amazing.I absolutely loved this movie! Partially because this is a very family friendly film.

Gregory B (ag) wrote: Meh its not a road trip/eurotrip/waiting kind of movie had a funny part..more like a see once and never see it again type of movie lol

MF J (es) wrote: A British little drama / comedy about a man falling for the wrong lady. following this he embarks with her on a crazy journey.... the film is ok but not great. If you never watch this film, you'll survive.

Hannah D (de) wrote: Wow, sooo good. The best film ever based on a book.

Tony D (ag) wrote: A quiet, weird little masterpiece.

Oku A (gb) wrote: A great movie, with a greta message..just so freakin' dark in tone

Mikkel P (au) wrote: Well played version of this classic, and makes it more realistic.

Kyle M (kr) wrote: Funny, but almost not at the same comedic level of the original series as this film serves as a homage to some sketches in some points with some silliness and weirdness. (B-)

Petros T (gb) wrote: First-class Christie adaptation. Ustinov rules, while the supporting cast, especially the wonderful Maggie Smith, provide solid back-up. It delivers the goods.