Black Out

Black Out

After ruthless gangsters wrongfully accuse him of stealing from them, a retired criminal has 24 hours to creep back into his past life and retrieve a bag of coke before his fiancée is killed.

On the day before his wedding, retired criminal Jos wakes up next to a murdered man with no recollection of what happened the night before. He soon discovers that a group of gangsters have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juri K (it) wrote: Kun Putin ei pysty tmmisille performansseille mitn, joutuvat tytt lasivitriiniin sen sijaan.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Freeman is the best thing about this intrinsically average film.

Bradley W (es) wrote: A childhood favorite of mine.

Frederick O (us) wrote: pretty good, with some suspense and the performance of the lovely Madeleine Stowe, seems enought for me.

Kareem S (jp) wrote: When I first watched it in 1995 it was definitely one of my favorites .. However after 15 years when I watched it again .. I still find it hilarious, amazing and extremely creative and entertaining ... I'm really pleased that I had the chance to see it again and this time I have the advantage of keeping it and saving it along with my film library.

bob s (kr) wrote: You have to like history and this doctored a little, but it is uncommon to see a history movie with great actors, at least 2. If you do not like history, it is still a very good plot and well made. True history always makes the best plots.

Lars P (br) wrote: A solid action film with excellent acting, Washington at his best, good story well told. What did the so called "top critics" want or expect ? Within the genre the film rates top (as indicated by the very high "audience score").

James H (kr) wrote: Good but still disappointing remake of the much better French film of the same title. Still, it's entertaining and fun to watch. Peter Falk does an exceptional job and his performace is an assett to the film.

Giuseppe P (es) wrote: Un film come non se ne faranno mai pi. Uno sguardo etimologico, amorevole e disincantato al mondo contadino della provincia lombarda di fine '800. Valori e comportamenti di una societ semplicissima in cui le famiglie contadine vivevano raccolte e solidali. Attori non professionisti ma praticamente perfetti. Forse allo spettatore medio apparir troppo lungo. Lo stesso Olmi proviene da una famiglia di contadini bergamaschi. Da confrontare con Novecento, di cui rappresenta un po' la versione etimologica.

Marcus W (fr) wrote: Thankfully, Terry Gilliam went on to far better things...

Brian P (de) wrote: Waste of TIME!! Very Weak movie, DO NOT WATCH, if you do end up watching it, side effects may include: Suicide, murder ramapages, road ramapage, any kinds of ways of harming yourself, and many others...

Tony C (br) wrote: Gripping, suspenseful and keeps you guessing to the end.

Frank J (ca) wrote: Pile poil le type de film qui correspond parfaitement la demande d'une gang d'amis fatigus minuit dans l'appartement de Moutarde. Tout a pour dire que les gags sont hilarants et que l'absurdit est corrosive, que l'humour brittanique corche et ne laisse survivre aucun rescap, aussi frigide son sens de l'humour puisse-t-il tre. Dire que ce sont tous les cinq-six mme hommes qui ont crits, raliss et jous leurs propres sketchs. C'est un exploit colossal, dans la mesure o les comdies de qualit se font rares.Quand on y pense longuement, l'humour brittanique n'est pas si diffrent de l'humour hollywoodien qu'il le parat. la base, les gags sont du mme type: absurdes. Alors, pourquoi donc est-ce que le premier type est dmentiel et que le second est merdique? Peut-tre parce que, au bout du compte, c'est la manire de traiter les gags qui diffrent, qu'on a trop voulu affubler l'humour de ridicule, de vulgarit et de sexualit dans les comdies populaires qui se produisent au nombre d'une centaine par mois.Mr. Toms has learned the first rule of not being seen: Not standing up, however, he has chosen an obvious hiding place.

bill b (mx) wrote: Great Indie film . Camera work was a bit much...but still great characters

John C (br) wrote: Don't watch this if you are hungover

James H (de) wrote: Rather ordinary western, typical of the 1950's. Charleton Heston makes a poor attempt at acting once again. Jeff Chandler is an Indian, once again. Decent production makes it bearable.