Black Pond

Black Pond

The Thompson family is accused of murder when a stranger dies at their dinner table. Six months later, family friend Tim visits freelance therapist Dr. Eric Sacks and the story finds it's way to the press. The facts are bent and the details spun as the Thompsons become known to the public as 'The Family of Killers'.

An ordinary British family and their friend are accused of murder when a stranger dies at their dinner table. Black Pond is an existential comedy drama starring two-time BAFTA winner Chris ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pierre M (au) wrote: Plutt correcte dans le genre... dans la mme veine que le dernier OSS117 cot (C) r (C)alisation.

Lisa H (nl) wrote: It was all right. I am surprised how bad the acting was with this cast.

Amanda W (br) wrote: The only reason I gave it a three: the storyline was sometimes a little convoluted. By the end however, I was in love with the characters. If you want to watch something unusual, check it out!

Lester Y (ca) wrote: This reminds me of Wordplay a lot, although not as charming. It profiles 4 top Scrabble players on their road to the National Tournament in San Diego. Although the game itself is really easy to get into, the people being profiled are only mildly interesting/likeable, with the exception of the insane Marion. Even the finale was not very exciting. It tries to make the game watchable by giving information (such as anagrams and definitions) during the game which I thought was tastefully implemented and useful, and adding other quirky stuff in the mix. Word Wars is yet another worthy addition to the big list of good documentaries about common pastimes and its diehard obsessives

Kevin M (br) wrote: Should have been better

Mike W (us) wrote: Alyssa Milano necked... nuff said!

Keenan S (ag) wrote: Sansho The Bailiff is a flawless masterpiece of drama. I have seen many superb dramas, but this one is unmistakably one of the all-time greats of the genre I've seen. It's a drama made with such care and precision, and all the effort that was put into it clearly shows. In fact, everything about is so precise, even the little details the viewer generally doesn't notice seem to be alive and carefully crafted. It's a drama rife with emotion and power within in every frame and all of it matters. The story is exceptional, the acting is superb, and the drama never feels forced and contrived. It's a film about morals, loss, love, and redemption and it knows how to weave all these themes together within its intricately crafted storyline. While it's restrained and meticulous, it is a powerful and emotional drama when it wants to be and I was held in my seat the entire time as it unfolded so carefully. It's not only a masterpiece of Japanese cinema, not only a masterpiece of drama, but it is also a monumental achievement in film-making and storytelling as a whole. It's a drama that will never leave you once it's finished, and that's the best kind of drama.

Jaselyn B (ca) wrote: Amazing movie.Really the best movie that has been out in the last 15 years.

Amanda T (au) wrote: WTF did I just watch?