Black Rock

Black Rock

Three childhood friends set aside their personal issues and reunite for a girls’ weekend on a remote island off the coast of Maine. One wrong move turns their weekend getaway into a deadly fight for survival.

Three woman, Sarah, Abby and Lou go together to a remote island in hopes of seeking their faded friendship. Accidentally, they meet three vetegan sodiers, Herry, Derek and Alex. After Abby mudder Herry when he tries to rape her, the three girls get caught on the deadly chase for revenge by Derek and Alex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Black Rock torrent reviews

Mark F (gb) wrote: Wow that was an absolutely retarded movie. None of it was believable, that party was not that extraordinary, the acting was terrible, the story made no sense and was not realistic at all, poor dialogue, just crap.

Olivier F (nl) wrote: Une belle leon de cinma

Pete K (it) wrote: A documentary about a Norwegian Male Voice Choir. They talk a bit about themselves and do a road trip. On that basis you'd probably not want to see this. Beneath its frozen vistas and dour landscapes a wonderfully warm story is revealed. There is magic in the humour and the seemingly ordinary. The humour has the feel of Fargo, The Royle Family and the best of Bill Forsyth. Perhaps too subtle or gentle for some, but if like me you are drawn to the people in this film, you feel more and more like you are part of the conversation and it just gets funnier.I came away feeling moved by the humanity, humour and hardiness of these people. Living in a small island community myself, there was much here I could identify with.

Raffi B (ca) wrote: Was funny but not to exciting. It's worth to watch though.

Anne F (de) wrote: The angel face is that of Jean Simmons, a woman who will let nothing stand in her way. #caught in her grasp is Robert Mitchum, playing a man who really wouldn't have behaved the way his character did....

Issac C (de) wrote: This movie was so fun to watch, it had very good and enjoyable acting, crazy action, and a very well created and in-depth story-line.

Richard D (fr) wrote: Louis Malle had perhaps the most consistently pleasing career of any of the New Wave, at least the high consistent quality of his output extended past that of most of his contemporaries. This is one of his best films of the 1980s, a film that is quietly heartwarming despite a few murders and a bit of a downer of an ending. Burt Lancaster is as good here as he was anywhere.