Black Roses

Black Roses

Teens in a small conservative town are turned into evil demons thanks to the music of the titular heavy metal band.

Demons hypnotize the general public by posing as a rock and roll band. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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EQ R (nl) wrote: Jean Claude Van Damme not only plays a bad guy, but a bad guy who is a vegan and an environmentalist...who kills people. It's amazing. The film is short and sweet and wastes no time getting to the good stuff. I particularly didn't believe Tom Everett Scott as a leading action star but he did ok. Orlando Jones played his role well and the rest of the acting besides the three leads is garbage. The story is cliched and simple but it lent itself to an aptly directed film by Peter Hyams who has collaborated with Van Damme before, so the action/fight scenes were great. Overall an entertaining popcorn action flick that doesn't try to be something it's not. I was very entertained. C+

Priti P (mx) wrote: With perfect diet, workouts, surgeries and of course acting, can a fifty-ish superstar pull off the role of a mid thirties guy? Well, Shah Rukh can. But can he do the same justice to that of a mid twenties guy? Well, its slightly indigestible.JTHJ is a fine touch base movie for our generation who grew up on a steady movie diet of Switzerland based love and romance. Hats off to Yash Chopra for introducing such pure emotion in films and in our minds, and also to Shah Rukh for playing the perfect romantic hero time and again. But we alone cannot keep the collection box tinkering. So, for the younger generation there is Katrina Kaif. On her own, she is pretty good in all the departments. But you dearly miss Kajol, who would have been the perfect pairing. Remember 'Suraj hua madham ...' from 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham'?Meaning to say, that the lead actors are dynamite in their own rights but they don't create any dynamism together. The song 'Ishq shava...' cries for a Hrithik or a Kajol. Right pairing would have given it a cult status. Anushka on the other hand has suited the role perfectly. Maybe, because in real life too she is an ardent admirer of Shah Rukh Khan, loves him and looks up to him.Once out of the cinema hall, you don't recall much of the story, but the dashing appearance of Shah Rukh as an Indian Army Bomb Squad Leader lingers in your mind. Last but not the least, the tribute to the cinematic genius, Yash Chopra towards the end touches your heart. RIP Yashji. You ably practiced your craft till your last breath. Apt name for your last movie - 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan'.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Fun action comedy, would like to see it all the way through.

Anthony A (br) wrote: Made me wish I was better at bowling... :(

John K (ca) wrote: Dan D'Aprile is a faggot and will suck your dick at a rest stop

Cheryl L (es) wrote: Decent action, movie and cast. I love the way even on the 3rd movie it still ties in very closely to the first.

Eric M (jp) wrote: "Amistad" has a compelling and important story to tell, and with Spielberg at the helm it shows glimpses of being something truly special, but Spielberg indulges in a few too many Spielberg-isms in in creative ways, and the story is somewhat preached to the audience rather than shown. When it is shone though, as in most all of the sequences onboard the slaving vessels and directly involving the captured African slaves, but the courtroom drama, while getting off to an engaging start, grinds to a halt in the final act. Almost every scene is treated as climactic, with swelling strings and speechifying on the positions of historical figures. There are beautiful and haunting moments scattered throughout (Gustav Dore's illustrations for the Bible inspiring the slaves a particularly moving one) but this film needed a tighter, more focused script that emphasized characters and complexity. Even the cinematography is pretty average for Spielberg. "Amistad" is good as a history lesson, but not necessarily as film.

Mei Mei H (it) wrote: The version I watched had horrible English subs...hence 4 stars.

Graham M (kr) wrote: Despite the rockin' intro and outro, this is basically a semi-musical version of Hill's own The Warriors, but without much excitement or coherent narrative.

Juha L (ru) wrote: FUCKING BRILLIANT! Tom Selleck is one of the greatest thigs God ever created. He drinks, he hits women, he misbehaves and has some amazing one-liners! If you didn't like this film it's your own damn fault, you baby raping son-of-a-bitch!