Black Snow

Black Snow

Black Snow tells the tale of a disturbed young man who, after spying on his mother with a black serviceman, finds himself unable to attain sexual arousal unless fondling a loaded gun. Later that night, he murders the GI before running amok through the building and finally slaying his mother's sister...

Black Snow tells the tale of a disturbed young man who, after spying on his mother with a black serviceman, finds himself unable to attain sexual arousal unless fondling a loaded gun. Later... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bindu C (jp) wrote: Hasee Toh Phasee, undoubtedly is not a regular rom-com movie with a typical love triangle, or a runaway bride or a movie with long romantic dialogues. The lead pair Nikhil Bhardwaj (Siddharth Malhotra) and Meeta (Parineeti Chopra) are weird, quirky, and unconventional. Nikhil feels that asking money from would-be father-in-law is not a threat to his self-respect, and on the other side, Meeta steals her own father's money; both do so for breakthrough in their respective careers. Meeta completely wins us over with her deglamourized performance. Yes, the strength of the movie is that it is distinctly different from the usual ones and both Siddharth 'emotional dhakkan' (in his own words) and Parineeti as 'bahut hi khatarnak experimental' are terrific together.The first half of the movie moves from a Chawl in Mumbai to Delhi and back to Mumbai over a span of two decades which though moved very fast, but the background / plot of the movie was build up in a sluggish manner. Still, bizarre mannerism displayed by Parineeti (a runaway daughter, who comes back from China), popping up pills followed with projection of a weird expression on face and the confident screen presence / endearing smile of Siddhartha are definitely refreshing which pulls us through the first half. This unusual, soft and neat decent love between the lead pair develops slowly through lot of freakish / comical / bizarre incidents. Let me tell you, there is no mushy-mushy love in this movie.Almost 80% of the plot develops with the wedding celebrations in the backdrop and wacky guests, which do ensure Karan Johar Moments.Karishma (Adah Sharma), sister of Meeta is good in the role of an actress, ready to be hitched, who is particular that her fiance earns on his own capability, announcing break-up every now and then (since she is sure that her fiance would never leave her). Manoj Joshi (as Meeta /Karishma's father) excels and we get to see wonderful emotional bondage between father and the eccentric daughter Meeta whom he finds extremely intelligent, creative and original. The poignant reunion of the father-daughter duo after a period of seven years do moist our eyes. Sharath Saxena (as Nikhil's father) is also good as a retired IPS officer. Neena Kulkarni (as Nikhil's mother) is also good. It can not be denied that movie is baffling at times. Just wish that the debutant director Vinil Mathew should have enhanced the pace of the movie atleast a bit more so as to engross the audience (when I say pace, I mean the pace of Tanu Weds Manu, Jab We Met, Banti Babli etc.).Screenplay / Story by Harshvardhan Kulkarni takes a different take on the modern day romance. Dialogues by Anurag Kashyap are simple and clean without double meanings or slangs. The cinematographer Sanu John Varughese has done a good job in capturing the Panoramic view of Mumbai's sweeping Powai Skyline and other locale.The song 'Zehnaseeb' sung by Shekhar and Chinmayi Sripada is musical to the ears and a romantic treat. Though other numbers viz. Punjabi wedding number, Shake it like Shammi, Drama queen, Manchala, Ishq Bulaava are youthful but easily forgettable.Watch this movie, if you can ignore the lapses in the logic in it and are ready to enjoy a very soft, clean, unconventional yet baffling romantic comedy (though it is neither a hard core romantic movie nor a comedy).Hasee Toh Phasee may not drive you crazy with laughter but am sure you may get trapped in the positive tone of this movie.

Armaan D (it) wrote: it was a great funny movie

Matthew S (fr) wrote: It would be far too easy to reduce this film's magic to it's plot. Paolo Sorrentino's "The Great Beauty" signals his return from the empty abyss of his venture into American Cinema. It also signals an interest far more reaching than simply the realm of the political. The film charts a life long journalist, played with a charmingly sarcastic turn by Toni Servillo, who has carefully played his one successful novel into a full time career of partying and hanging out with Rome's literary elite. Just as Jeb turns 60 he receives news that his first -- and, perhaps only taste of true love, has died. Suddenly Jeb is thrust into a delayed mid-life crisis. His existential turn forces him to re-evaluate the ways in which he has spent his life. Is it as vacuous as it appears. Has he spent the bulk of his life going to parties and debating fellow wealthy intellectuals on issues that really do not matter to any of them. Is his desire of sex a sad replacement for love. He begins to realize that his friendships are invalid. In fact, it seems that these friendships are formed more of some misplaced importance on disagreements than shared experiences. His one true friend is the person he ascribes the least of his attentions. His other friend his is maid whom he pays more for her attention than her duties. Just as he starts to slip into the void of depression, an old drug-addled friend encourages him to mentor his way-ward daughter. Ramona seems to find Jep as entertaining and fun as annoying. The begin to form a friendship as Jep takes her with him on his nightly "adventures" in art shows, night clubs and the hidden pleasures and secret places within Rome. Like Ramona, we are spellbound by these explorations. Luca Bigazzi's masterful cinematography lends every experience all the beauty he can fit into the screen. It isn't hard to understand how Jep has been seduced into a life that has left him isolated, meaningless and lonely. But is it really? No firm answer is ever given. And this is a major part of the film's magic. Many compare Sorrentino's beautiful film to Fellini. That comparison holds up, but if anything -- "The Great Beauty" aims to re-capture some of Rome's magic that Fellini originally captured. The difference is that there is a haunting feeling that Rome is slowly slipping away and what might be left is hidden deep beneath the ancient city -- a place to which only a select few still have access. It is an epic, lush, erotic, beautifully tragic journey of a film. It often feels surreal, but this is reality. This is Jep's Rome -- we are just lucky enough to see it through his eyes for 3 hours. A must-see film.

Mariana A (it) wrote: Saoirse Ronan no decepciona

Andrew C (it) wrote: Interesting to see Coco's rise to success. Worth watching for this.

Dax S (us) wrote: First James Bond movie I saw and definitely not the last.

Paul D (it) wrote: On the plus side it is clear to see some effort has been made to elevate this above a television movie, however it can not quite get above that label. The acting is plain and the special effects don't look too special.

Eric J (it) wrote: One of the best Heist Thrillers I've ever seen its amazing and well done with thrills and twisted that will have you on the edge of your seat and its one of Spike Lee's best films. "Two Thumbs Way Up"

Jimmy C (gb) wrote: Okay, it's well-exectuted, while the direction is sometimes weird, the performances strange, but overall, the story have interesting aspects, but there,s still things that don,t work.

Grace M (ca) wrote: Boring as hell movie. I don't know why the hell I picked it. -_-

Zach T (nl) wrote: Kick ass history lesson...

Chad P (ru) wrote: LOVED IT! Everything about this movie was fantabulous. I think this will end up in our collection someday

JuanPablo M (it) wrote: Sencilla y algo lenta, la cinta se salva por una originalidad curiosa: los personajes no terminan de ser simpticos pues sus historias estn marcadas por acciones reprobables, pero no llegan tampoco a ser repulsivos o condenables por eso, lo cual le otorga a la cinta una humanidad muy precisa y creble. La actuacin de Bale es excelente, de esos casos en que se ven sus verdaderos dotes actorales, que incluyen la capacidad de representar personajes muy diversos. Lo que ms me gust fue la intriga que persiste durante toda la pelcula en la forma de la pregunta "para dnde va todo esto?" pregunta que al final puede responderse con un sencillo "a claro, a donde va todo siempre", no sin dejar un solitario signo de pregunta rebotndole a uno en la cabeza. No muy divertida, pero a la larga una pelcula curiosa.

Mike M (es) wrote: Keeps up a steady flow of rich, moving anecdotes that either back up or correct the youthful imbalances in Anne's writing... Blair can't avoid caged-bird imagery, but it's clear from his film that even during the early, "friendly" days of German occupation, the steady drip of rules and regulations had the desired effect on the city's inhabitants: "Everything I did, I thought it was forbidden," confesses one. It's here that "Anne Frank Remembered" finds the key to the diary's continued teaching in schools today, and why it remains one of those rare set texts pupils are keen to engage with. More than a symbol or martyr, or an eyewitness or tragic heroine (though she would become all these), Anne was a teenager, and one more immediately concerned with developments personal (the size of her breasts, the crush she developed on a fellow hider) than political. As one of her closest friends recalls here, "She was just very naughty". Blair's film - traditional, sober, deeply edifying - invites us to reassess Anne Frank's diary writing as a form of resistance, her own way of holding out as an individual before the occupying forces could arrive to reduce her to a statistic, or footnote.

Sam M (ca) wrote: Just a hair underrated, the boys did well done.

Settimio P (mx) wrote: Outrageous, farcical, humorous, but also deeply sad. This is Almodovar at his best describing an intricate plot of love, sex, desire and of human struggle in a harsh urban environment.

Jamie E (it) wrote: This is a "must watch" movie for the 4th of July!

Jonny C (au) wrote: Great fun. The Call Me Trinity is a very entertaining Western starring Terence Hill, with plenty of action and slapstick humour,

Dave J (br) wrote: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 (1938) Four Daughters DRAMA Unusual drama vehilce for Michael Curtiz (Casablanca) who is known for directing adventure films. A better way to describe this film was a popular soap opera during that time about four musical daughters starring Priscilla Lane, spawning 2 more sequels- "Four Wives (1939)" and then "Four Mothers (1941)" and a retelling of Four Daughters called "Daughters Courageous"! This was also John Garfield's movie debut! 3 out of 4 stars

Grant S (jp) wrote: Lame, unoriginal, predictable, pointless. Avoid.