Black Thursday

Black Thursday

Antoni Krauze reminds one of the darkest history of the cards with PRL. Spectacular reconstruction of the dramatic events in Gdynia, ended a brutal pacification of demonstrators by troops and militia in 1970.

Antoni Krauze reminds one of the darkest history of the cards with PRL. Spectacular reconstruction of the dramatic events in Gdynia, ended a brutal pacification of demonstrators by troops and militia in 1970. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kat F (au) wrote: This is so bad, but it is soooo fantastic. Don't ask me why

Delphinus C (fr) wrote: This movie goes from depressing to endearingly goofy, and back and forth a few times, before starting to really pile on the heavy, sometimes horrifying drama. This is not a film for the light of heart.The synopses I've read kind of mislead, in my opinion. This movie is an exploration of depression, selfishness, and self-hatred. What pushes some people to these insane murderous sprees that we see on the news from time to time.It is a commentary on some of the un-glorified aspects of modern Japanese society. I would like to think that things aren't this bad, and in reality they probably aren't LITERALLY this bad (or are at least uncommon), but while the film takes some of these situations to the extreme, it does reveal a sickening subconscious that I'm sure exists somewhere deep down in the collective mind of the older generation. And I'm sure it's not a problem limited just to the Japanese.It does stay balanced in it's message, however. Not everything is black and white, here. The new generation can be just as twisted as anyone, and the perspective we have on this is that we can't see whether or not underlying circumstances (seemingly) justify the behavior or not. While we understand where our protagonist is coming from, we are shown other similar cases, without this vantage, which actually clears up any moral ambiguousness that the audience might be grappling with. Then of course it throws that all out the window, too.If it sounds like I'm rambling, I'm probably still reeling from it. This is a very, very heavy film, and you just don't know what's coming, ever.Technical points: I don't recognize Japanese rude words, but the translation I had certainly had a lot of them. A fair bit of brutal, unglorified violence, against women and children even. Some of this felt very real to me, and I didn't like seeing it, but I understand why it's there.Nice score, if a little repetitive.Fantastic direction, incredible acting, especially from the young stars. (I tend to find many Japanese movie actors these days to be mediocre, at best). Apart from Sumida-kun looking more like an 18 year old than a 14 year old, he's done an amazing job of selling me on his character's pain.His female cohort too, brought such a believable energy to her character, it was a pleasure to watch.Also to the man who played the elder refugee, though sometimes over the top, he was truly earnest.I could go on.Great use of long takes, I do love a good long take.Ultimately, though, this movie is just too oppressive in nature for me to give it a higher recommendation. It's technically a 5, I think. But, I'll have to give it a much more modest 3.5 for this very reason.


Geraldine A (it) wrote: This film left a huge impact on me. its about siamese twins who were "born together, die together". As a twin myself, this topic is very difficult to watch without bawling my eyes out. Its a very dark film.. The long quiet shots of the brothers hanging on to each other and the parts where they quarrel but they cant get away from each other is just amazing. and its absolutely brilliant that its actually a "documentary" about another documentary. not to mention the music was awesome.

Teresa S (gb) wrote: (1992 Director: Phil Joanou) Oh yeah! This is a fun movie, a bit of a comedy, ieven for the theme of Gere falling in love with Bassinger who was married to the Mob... Okay...Thought it might be interesting to know that 3 of Gere's overwhelming favorites amongst my "friends" here on Flixster were: 1-An Officer & A Gentleman 2-Pretty Woman 3-American Gigolo {very very risque for 1980) First Knight, Breathless, The Hoax & 3 which I have NOT yet seen The Hunting Party (2007), Runaway Bride and Dr. T, Some other excellent acting performances I should mention were: Primal Fear and Unfaithful (my 2 personal favorites!),

Scott R (ag) wrote: Interesting, but contrived.

Connor A (it) wrote: What this film lacks in ambition is countered with stellar performances and surprisingly entertaining musical numbers.

Amete G F (us) wrote: Perfetto film documentario. ritratto dell'"inventore" della pedagogia speciale...

Jarrin R (ag) wrote: As far as zombie movies go this sure is different. It is also very raw and gritty, as well as inappropriate at times. I do not feel like I need to watch it again.

Simon M (us) wrote: The absurd premise actually works really well, its an eighties action classic in my book that adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Maciej Z (fr) wrote: It's probably only now that I understand this movie (finally).

Brandon W (gb) wrote: What Dreams May Follow is a great film that I never seen like this these days. The late Robin Williams does a great job for his dramatic performance and it's a shame that he didn't do more of drama movies. It does have some funny moments, but it never felt like a comedy movie as it takes itself seriously. The effects are absolutely amazing and really felt like in art form which was meant to be like that. However, I think they show a bit too much of the effects and not enough plot as it should've been more developed. The chemistry between Chris and Annie should've been longer in my opinion for it to be effective, but the writer tried his best to make it work between them. What Dreams May Follow is a style over substance film, but it's interesting and is redeemed by Robin Williams.

Michael E (ag) wrote: David Lynch style...snakeskin, prosthetics & Guns all the way to the finish line. and beyond. Love it!!!!

Stephen C (it) wrote: You'll definitely want to be a child soldier after seeing this film.