Black Zoo

Black Zoo

A deranged animal lover unleashes his toothy pets on anyone who stands in his way.

A deranged animal lover (Michael Gough) unleashes his toothy pets on anyone who stands in his way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon D (de) wrote: Really? nominated for the best documentaty? Unbelievable! This is not an interesting film, a couple of old Japanese artists do some art and moan about each other a bit. The academy must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel. Certainly not a contender in my eyes.

Ayeh L (ru) wrote: a very good film produced by judy ann santos herself.

Miguel P (nl) wrote: This is a great movie about MJ, i think I've seen this at least 5 or 6 times & each time i never get bored of it. The movie stars Flex Alexander as Michael Jackson, his performance as MJ was great, he may not look to much like MJ but I'm pretty sure they where not going for that. This is an all round great movie for MJ fans....

Kevin V (gb) wrote: The best disney movie

Darla B (gb) wrote: Everyone should see this film ! Touching !

Sorgens D (br) wrote: Fucking movie, it's so emotional, a little bit sad with a fantastic Cinematography and another wonderful Asano's acting. Pure poetry transformed into cinema.

David H (nl) wrote: What a total crock. Talk about low budget. And the warning signs were there as it stars, is written, directed and produced by the same person, and he did the special effects make-up as well. It looks and sounds like it was made on a camcorder, and we basically gave up after about 10-15 minutes and zoomed through the rest of the writhing naked women, bad acting, terrible photography and shoddy production.Just looked it up and I can see that the title comes from a Slayer song, which explains the hard rock soundtrack (the guy obviously loves metal as well ...)Just awful :(

Grant K (ag) wrote: An underrated classic. Made with love.


Frank H (ca) wrote: This is both the best and worst movie ever made.

Myra S (kr) wrote: tupac shskur i love him

Michelle A (it) wrote: no info = no interest

Timothy N (mx) wrote: Simple, heartwarming, charming.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: We've Got Two Cripples, A Green Kid And A Noisy Old Indian Fighter... Gonzo Compadres--Howard Hawks' "El Dorado" Is Pure Gold... A pleasure through and through!!

Scott M (au) wrote: I became a fan of Jimmy Stewart's work because of films like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and It's a Wonderful Life. Compared to those films, I'm unsure how Made for Each Other stands up today. The acting performances were good, though.

Jerry H (jp) wrote: If ever a film did not need a sequel it was FUNNY GIRL, but Columbia Pictures decided to do one and this is the result. Striesand tries but you can tell no ones heart is in it. A total waste of time. The only reason it gets two stars is because the film looks great and James Caan gives a good performance as Fannie's husband. Just see the original and skip the sequel. Directed by Herbert Ros and released in 1975. Rated PG.

Robert B (ag) wrote: Just horrible...stupid teenagers, a amnesiac main character without personality, and a zumbi-like outbreak plot that we already seen a thousand times. Even the cinematography and effects are bad. It is one of that movies that after the credits ends, you think to yourself "I want that 1h30min of my life back". 2,0 / 10,0