Blackbeard, the Pirate

Blackbeard, the Pirate

Honest Edward Maynard finds himself serving as ship's surgeon under the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

Honest Edward Maynard finds himself serving as ship's surgeon under the infamous pirate Blackbeard. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blackbeard, the Pirate torrent reviews

Soma S (us) wrote: over complicated story

Michael A (gb) wrote: Very interesting psycho-drama from the Scott clan.

Mohammed H (nl) wrote: it is crazy and interesting movie i like it

Huw G (au) wrote: Gets better towards the end, but there are no likable characters, and just who's really funny - the man at the top, who makes only a couple of fleeting appearances.

Dreama M (it) wrote: The story line is a little confusing and awkward to explain but i'll give it a shot...(apology's in advance if i make it sound a tad confusing)Basically this and the first One Missed Call films are based on a story were these young adults/students start receiving phone calls from their own mobile phone numbers and the ringtone that sounds out is one that they havn't downloaded on their phone ever before.once it starts ringing, they notice it's their own number calling with this mysterious ringtone but they don't answer it, then they get the message "One missed call"..they open the message and there's a voice message been left. they listen to it and it's actually themselves leaving the message. The date and time the messages have been left are 'from the future' (just a matter of days) but thats the time and date they die, so basically it's themselves telling them what they say the minute before they actually die. It's a young girls spirit that is doing all these killings. She had died a couple years before hand because her mother neglected her having an asthma attack and left her to die. When this young girls ghost/spirit kills one person she uses the dead persons mobile phone to call the next victim, but it still comes up showing it's their own number calling (yeh confusing, i know) these are innocent people she's killing off. they're just random people, but i'm guessing it's revenge for her seeings her mother didn't help her when she died...or maybe she's just doing it for a laugh, i dunno, lol. but it's a great, creepy classic Asian film.However, in this second film, they're continuing from the first so the students have heard about these killings from the past but obviously thought it was a 'wives tale' and they wern't true stories...but they were still investigating it because they hadn't come to a conclusion of how and why these killings where happening, so they were still happening and the reporters and police continued with the story behind the killings as obviously they're happening again...anywho, i can't wait to get the 3rd One Missed Call! ^_^It's one of those "you have to watch the first one to understand this one, then you have to watch the third one to complete the whole story"Its as good as the first one...brilliant!

Gimly M (fr) wrote: Certainly not anything like what I would call a "good" film, but the quality of the acting is taken up a notch (it's still low of course, but better than the first) and the script holds some small semblance of originality.

bill s (de) wrote: Just keep mugging for the camera guys.

Robyn M (ru) wrote: Madonna is just that "Immaculate", self rightous and carefree... she nows herself and doesn't allow her voice to be unheard.In her youth, during this time period she was breaking music performances and showing a riska side to her sexuality. Unafraid with no regrets she's "Lady Madonna- my icon".

Martin B (jp) wrote: In this take on the future some parts of the states are ruled by frog people after the confusion of a nuclear war- The Frog people enjoy kidnapping young human women so that they can perform erotic dances for the frogs in bars is abandoned mines in the outbacks.The Hero Sam Hell has got another agenda though, he is to find all young women and impregnate them since there are so few fertile men left in the world at this point.Well, this isn't Blade Runner exactly, but it's pretty campy fun

Augustine H (nl) wrote: A great Western-like epic tale. If you have watched "There Will Be Blood", you may love this one: one of the filming location is just the same! If you are astonished by that remarkable oil gush, you must not miss the similar effect took place 50 years ago! "There Will Be Blood" depicts the evil side of oil, this film focuses more on its benefits (and racism as well). The music score is excellent. For the cast, Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor are just marvellous, for both their acting and characters in the film. For James Dean, I am still puzzled why he earned the Best Actor nomination for Oscar. He is not the protagonist! But he deserves a "supporting role" award at least! Can you imagine James Dean became a lonely old man in despair at the end? His character is more or less the same as Daniel Plainview - not that greedy, but more lonely and pathetic.

bloody w (us) wrote: powerful movie a incredible piece of cinema showcasing hood life for young black males in south central one of my personal favorites and a must see for all

Troy F (ru) wrote: Furious is one hell of a fucking oddity of a film. Not many films, if ever, have made me feel the way Furious made me feel: confused and leaving me laughing and crying like a mental patient... most of the laughter was from me going mad from confusion. I dare you to explain the plot of this film, you will scratch your head trying to figure it out. Unexplained events, almost devoid of dialogue when there should be, random characters, an odd obsession with chickens, a man turning into a talking pig upon death repetition of shots and the editing just going out of whack, a random cutaway to a Devo like rock band!? WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON!? The most confusing, head inducing question that the film will leave with is whether the film was supposed to be serious or intentionally funny. My only theory is that this film was meant to be serious and that partway through shooting, everyone just gave up and started dicking around,a nd when it got to editing, the editor didn't give a shit and fucked around by repeating shots and creating awkward silly moments out of everything. Your guess at what happened is as good as mine. I don't think I can possibly rate Furious. It's both awful and such an intriguing oddity that it needs to be seen. Watch at your own risk though, you will be left scratching your head till your head bleeds and your brain deteriorates.

Rebecca P (ag) wrote: Fascinating. Even knowing nothing about photography, I can see that so much of her work is spectacular. I would love to visit an exhibition.

Corey P (ca) wrote: The storyline became epic and I hate the antagonist so much. haha sike