This is a film about a troubled teen, Sean Randall, who is falsely accused of planning a Columbine shooting scenario. It all begins when an unlikely bond forms between Sean (Connor Jessup) and a preppy teenage girl named Deanna Roy (Alexia Fast). Deanna's boyfriend is deeply threatened by Sean and Deanna's friendship, resulting in a violent confrontation. Seeking to protect himself, Sean issues a death threat online - and is swiftly arrested. When the police raid Sean's home, they find rifles, shotguns, knives and ammunition - all property of Sean's father Ricky (Michael Buie), an avid hunter. They also find a supposed "hit list" with twenty names of people who have tormented Sean. The authorities and the media proclaim another Columbine has been narrowly averted, and soon Sean faces a terrifying imprisonment in a youth detention facility. Sean's only hope is to overcome his dark image, and prove his innocence to Deanna and to his community.

An alienated teenager's posturing online threat ignites a firestorm of fear in a small community. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean M (gb) wrote: An absolutely diabolical film, a travesty. Kingsley should be ashamed to be associated with it. The acting throughout, even by Kingsley himself, is not even 2nd rate. A real disappointment, especially because the story itself had merit and could have produced a much better film.

Cade S (au) wrote: While slightly better than "God's not Dead" this movie is still filled with nothing original using a near death experience story to make easy money.

Tomer H (gb) wrote: Nicholas Jarecki, with the outstanding help from Richard Gere, successfully creates a tense and well-directed film.

Dylan P (au) wrote: A good informative documentary. It put out very good facts and will certainly change some of my lifestyle. Unlike other documentaries today it didn't have any humor but it was still very good.

Kyle K (fr) wrote: eh. ok. NOT a movie though.

Jenelle F (kr) wrote: This move is good, it's different. Not your typical cliche movies that are coming out now with typical girl and guy and a cliche story. Not this movie, Love it :)

Waleed A (it) wrote: I love GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! omg lmao rofl gg lol. Mike Meyers is a BEAST. (about 6 viewings)