A man is released from prison to help American and Chinese authorities pursue a mysterious cyber criminal. The dangerous search leads them from Chicago to Hong Kong.

Set in the criminal world of cyberspace, Nick Hathaway, an extremely talented hacker who has gone astray, finds his way out of a 15 year prison sentence when being recruited by FBI and CIA authorities to capture a cyber-hacker committing high level terrorist attacks around the world with no apparent reason. The chase leads them on a worldwide adventure from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blackhat torrent reviews

Mary H (us) wrote: Tried watching but couldn't get into it.

Brendon M (ag) wrote: It was like watching a bad episode of Spooks. 1.5 stars for the action, half each for the acting and plot.

Eric H (br) wrote: Easily the wettest movie of all time.The crushing blow is delivered, however, by director Salomon, whose lack of imagination renders this film D.O.A. And he should have seen it coming; it's his job to know what works and what doesn't. He's the one with the placard that says `The Buck Stops Here.' The real shame of this debacle, though, is the waste of such talent as Freeman and Driver, especially, and even Quaid and Slater. They deserve better. To their credit, they all did as much as was humanly possible with the material with which they were given to work. This is one of those projects that must have looked good on paper, but somewhere in the execution went south. And apparently very quickly. . Mr. Freeman in every role (even this one) is so commanding, believable with one of the best voices around...I just don't know why he keeps wasting his time on junk like this! Does he really need the money? If you're looking for a dumb, wet action movie, Hard Rain is for you. It's not a great movie, but it can be used as an escapist film, but just barely. The screenplay sinks, but the action itself is able to float. There were some mildly impressive set pieces, so I'll give the film credit for that.

Westleigh Q (fr) wrote: Slightly better than the original.

Paul M (ag) wrote: Not much too it,but it entertaining to say the least.

Toby J (gb) wrote: Hilarious performance from Bill Murray as always, even though it's bizarre to watch Groundhog Day then next see him in this. A great debut from Lieberher (Oliver), a really well played role considering his age. Good to see McCarthy play a serious character for once too! Great watch.

Christian C (us) wrote: One would think that a casting director for a film about dancing might want to hire actors who could act and dance. Not so, in this flimsy, straight-to-video dud. Although Jane Lynch has some enjoyable moments as the wicked stepmother, there's almost nothing recognizably "Cinderella" about this bit of teenage cotton candy. The story is thin and the characters far too shallow to maintain any interest. The film could have easily been entitled "Another Sleeping Beauty Story" because it will almost certainly put the audience into a deep, long snooze.

Zachary K (us) wrote: It may not fit the Webster's definition of what a 'good film' is, but somehow this film has always entertained *me*. I love Ringo Starr, young Dennis Quaid, and Shelly Long as our protagonist cave-dwellers. The stop-motion effects are fabulous: it's like a Ray Harryhausen comedy.Of course "Caveman" is stupid, but in its defense, it shamelessly acknowledges that. It's better than recent fare such as "Encino Man", the "Flintstones" movies, "10, 000 B.C." or "Year One", which I wasn't even able to finish.