In Bolivia, Butch Cassidy (now calling himself James Blackthorne) pines for one last sight of home, an adventure that aligns him with a young robber and makes the duo a target for gangs and lawmen alike.

Leaving Bolivia and heading back to the U.S., the outlaw formerly known as Butch Cassidy (Sam Shepard) has a final adventure, an adventure that aligns him with a young robber and makes the duo a target for gangs and lawmen alike. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glenn M (es) wrote: good acting by Mark Polish, not funny or anything special, but a facinating movie

Eric M (ru) wrote: This film has some really great cinematic moments, and a powerful, brutal story to tell, but it's a rather spotty viewing experience thanks to how it's told. I think the documentary style works against the film, which would have been better with a cinematic tone to drive home the emotional empathy and power of the story. It's greatest weakness, though, is a preachy expositionary tone, which works against the documentary style. Too much is explained by characters in unnatural dialogue and the horrific war crimes, impactful enough on their own, are followed by clunky monologues to drive home the point, robbing scenes of their power. Also, mediocre acting doesn't help the shaky dialogue. It's a real shame, because "Battle for Haditha" makes a valiant effort to humanize *all* involved in the tragedy, but these nagging issues of form prevent it from reaching the heights it could have.

Jacob S (au) wrote: Chris Stuckmann's review of this is my exact thoughts and feelings towards what this film did for me. Truly special.

Sherry (ag) wrote: This movie is great.nice music and scenery Pink Floyd would be proud^^^^

Jared P (gb) wrote: My favorite Denzel action movie.

FantasyKitties (ca) wrote: The thing is, why make a movie that's only for kids under 6 years of age? Older siblings and parents like to be entertained too. Wouldn't you rather have the parents excited watching the movie, rather than taking a little nap. This is worse than Pete's Dragon(2016). It's really hard to watch honestly and I recommend taking your kids to see Kubo and the two strings.

James D (ca) wrote: Just a fun film for turning your brain off after a tough day at the office.

David L (kr) wrote: Good premise, poor execution. When a young female babysitter volunteers to help out a rich older couple, she is treated to a lavish experience that she even gets paid for. Unfortunately for her, the evening comes with the threat of death as she is soon receiving anonymous phone calls notifying her that her every move is being watched, and the mystery assailant wants to see her blood. From this point onwards its just a game of cat and mouse with her stalker chasing her around every part of the house until the closing scenes. The suspense is built and built and we're all eager to see who the villain is and what's his motive. Disappointingly, there isn't one - Unless I missed something through feeling bored (which is highly possible), it's just a random with no connection to the girl whatsoever. Other than one cameo appearance from the heroine's friend, there's no other characters to follow in this, making it a tad monotonous the longer the chase goes on. Without sounding like a complete psychopath, you don't see anyone murdered, and in truth not a lot really happens upon reflection. It's therefore quite a dull bit of viewing that is not really that recommendable unless you're the sort of person who is easing themselves into watching horrors because you scare easily. Alas, i'm clearly not one of those, and would probably rather be in receipt of prank calls than have to sit through this one again.

Spencer S (au) wrote: Mario Bava became an iconoclastic director of Italian horror and the Gothic landscape with his directorial debut for Marathon Pictures in 1960. The newly minted director adapted a Russian short story named "Viy" only taking a small amount of the story and characters, and transformed it into a near incomparable story of resurrection, hauntings, and period horror including poltergeists, witches, and demons. Set in Russia, but the dialogue is all in English, the story revolves around a condemned witch and her servant who are tortured, burnt at the stake, and interred in a forgotten cemetery by the witch's brother. After a clumsy man wanders across the crypt, when his carriage breaks down, he pricks himself and bleeds on the desiccated remains of the witch, bringing her back to life to haunt her descendant, who eerily looks exactly like her. The film is also an ode to the black and white monster movies of the thirties and borrows its look and appeal from Universal in particular. It's a savage and grotesque kind of film, which utilizes gore and blood to its advantage, but instead of being gratuitous it's used smartly to scare the audience further. The scenes in the witch's coffin before she's resurrected, are always so interesting to watch because there's something obviously fake about the way her face looks, but at the same time there's an unpleasant realness to her features and the way her skin peels away under the iron maiden's spikes. The scenes where the family is haunted remain very creepy and scary to this day. The way the effects are set up, and the way Bava builds the tension to an excruciating level only make for a more interesting watch. The setting was well set up, but not executed well with the characters being so anachronistic and wooden. The best performances come from Barbara Steele when she's playing the witch and Arturo Dominci as the ever loyal and always frightening Javuto. When he comes to the father's bedside and floats out of the room in a rush it was pretty freakish to say the least. This film exemplifies why Italian directors oftentimes make the best horror films, and why Bava is one of the best at doing it.

David D (fr) wrote: Despite its very low budget [u]Target Earth[/u] is an excellent film. It achieves a real sense of menace with minimal materials. It is fast paced but slows down when it needs to. The small cast may have been dictated by the limited budget but the film makes an asset of what could have been a liability ? accentuating the foursome's isolation and peril and also letting us get to know and like them. The acting is consistently good to excellent and the characters are believable and have depth that is usually missing in SF of the era. In the end there are still unanswered questions about each of the four lead characters and that adds to their realism in a fantastical tale. Nora (Kathleen Crowley) wakes up from a failed suicide attempt to find that not only is she alone in her rooming house but that the city, as seen through her window, seems to be inexplicably deserted. As she walks through the empty streets in search of someone the viewer cannot help but feel her sense of isolation and growing panic. The use of overhead photography in these scenes of her search reminds me of Welles and is as effectively used by director Sherman rose as it ever was by Welles or Hitchcock. Though the setting is supposed to be Chicago, these scenes were shot in downtown Los Angeles on a Sunday morning ? a time when I can assure you the area truly does seem abandoned by mankind. Nora's alarm is naturally intensified when she stumbles upon a dead body. The horrified expression on the corpse's face isn't exactly soothing to her nerves either. Soon after, in a classic "bus" shot, she meets Frank (Richard Deming), an out-of-town businessman who awoke to find the city deserted after he had been mugged and knocked out the previous evening. Frank and Nora then meet Vicki (Virginia Grey), and Jim (Richard Reeves), a drunken, bickering couple who are drinking their way thru the city's abandoned nightclubs. They now learn why the city is deserted ? it has been evacuated in the face of an invasion from outer space. Frank and Nora convince Vicki and Jim to give up their bar hopping and together they go outside, determined to find a way out of town. This is when they have their first encounter with the alien invaders -- robots armed with a deadly heat ray. The robot is a pretty cheesy special effect and although the storyline tells us that there is an army of robots the film never shows more than one. Somehow, however, that robot burned itself into my memory when I first saw this movie and seems to have had the same effect on many others. While I personally have never had a nightmare of any sort, I've heard of a number of people who report having nightmares in which they were pursued by that robot thru empty streets for years after seeing this movie. The foursome takes shelter in a hotel where they are soon joined by a menacing hoodlum (Robert Roark) who plans to use them as decoys in his escape from the robotic menace. He meets a predictable end and soon after one of the robots smashes its way into their sanctuary. Not everyone survives the battle with the robot but at the last minute the Army arrives armed with a new weapon capable of disabling the robots. The search for a weapon has been presented in a series of brief scenes of soldiers and scientist at work scattered thru the earlier scenes of the film.

Jeremy M (jp) wrote: Inspirational! that even the smallest of us can make a difference, and become a legend...and even great animation! GREAT JOB FELLAS!

Ryan P (ru) wrote: I'm a sucker for the 1960s and 1970s on film, so call me biased. But this confusing, marijuana laden mystery through 1970 SoCal was very fun to me. Confusing? Incoherent? Demanding repeat viewings? Yes. But fun nevertheless, and full of a cast of weird characters and clever dialog. Plus, it's just a gorgeous movie to look at.

shawana h (es) wrote: Titanic is a romance movie about two people, Jack and Rose who fall in love aboard the Titanic, a ship sailing to America in the year 1912. Jack is a poor man and Rose is a rich woman who is set to marry a man named Cal who is also rich by inheritance. Jack sees that Rose is not happy with Cal and he tries to free her and the two ends up falling in love after he saves her from wanting to jump off the back of the Titanic. Rose's mother, Ruth, doesn't approve of the two ( Jack and Rose ) being together, mainly for two reason, one, Jack is poor and two Cal is set to marry Rose so that they will stay rich. Well, the two try their best to break away from Ruth and Cal; however, the Titanic hits an iceberg and ends up sinking. Jack has been falsely accused of stealing a very expensive diamond necklace and is handcuffed to a pipe in the bottom of the ship. Rose, instead of going on a lifeboat to safety, goes to rescue Jack. They both end up missing all the life boats. The ship sink and Jack finds the head board of a bed and puts Rose on it while they wait on the life boats to come back. hours later, after Rose wake up Jack is frozen and everyone else that was in the water. Rose tries to woke Jack up, but she couldn't do she kisses him hand and says,' she will never let go' and Jack sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Shortly after, rescue boats appear and Rose is saved.

Dino L (us) wrote: A slow burn Western that builds to a truly brutal finale. Not for the faint hearted.