Matt is haunted by the death of a girl from a car accident he caused years ago. Matt was drunk and as he reached for the car radio, he struck the girl as she crossed the road. The guilt that he feels has altered his sense of reality, making Matt's life a mystery full of shadows and phantoms. Now, years later Matt goes away for weekend with his new girlfriend Dawn. After a wild session of lovemaking, Dawn goes for a walk. While she is away a strange man with an ax comes into the motel room and attacks Matt. After that incident Matt goes into the woods, looking for Dawn. There he encounters Dawn's family who tie him down and put him on trail for the murder of the girl years before. They find him guilty and he is sent back into the forest to be hunted down by the family. The deeper Matt runs into the forest the farther his mind is lost to the Blackwoods.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:guilt,   flashback,   sheriff,  

Matt is haunted by the death of a girl from a car accident he caused years ago. Matt was drunk and as he reached for the car radio, he struck the girl as she crossed the road. The guilt ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blackwoods torrent reviews

Charmaine P (gb) wrote: HORRIBLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!! Mandy Moore's character literally made me wanna punch her through the screen... The only "good" thing about it is being able to look at Kellan Lutz. I was surprised and disappointed to find out Dermot Mulroney produced it... I love him but I think he should stick to acting.

Richard B (kr) wrote: Definitely different-

Eric H (ag) wrote: This film is far from being simply an "art" film, it is a fim of heart . It's both metaphysical and emotional. Brilliant!

ankush j (br) wrote: this is the best period film in India, yeas better than lagaan and jodha akbar...! the mood, the music, the cinematography and direction is just amazing..!A gem from vifhu vinod chopra.!! and last film from R.d. burman.

Greg S (br) wrote: A comic book artist accidentally brings a demon to life by drawing it. Decent demon design is the only feather in the cap of this late-night cable TV filler feature.

Bill M (de) wrote: A really fucking weird, unique little horror film, it's odd and silly and visually brilliant, full of intense and visceral stylistic flourishes and it has a truly bizzare concept and execution, it's one of those movies that may actually be bad, but it's so creepy and off beat that it doesn't matter, also Adam Ant is in it as an undead Inuit biker punk, and Pierce Brosnan rocks an amusingly committed phony french accent. I've never seen a film quite like this.

Tommy H (gb) wrote: Watch it for The Crate.

Wahida K (es) wrote: It is an okay Movie. Most of the part I kept forwarding. But the song is great. ::Ik rasta do rahi:::Even none of the Sippy were involved in the Movie, they tried to imitate the Sippy Trademark. Let say moulded Sholay with Shaan. Not really clever. A very bad Moulding.But Dharmendra and Amitabh were still great.

Seanser S (es) wrote: Underrated gritty drama by Paul Schrader with first class performances by Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel and Yaphet Kotto. Under paid factory workers in Detroit make the mistake of stealing from their corrupt Union. 4/5

Eric B (gb) wrote: More Doom 2004 than Doom 1993, it's a solid meh. Watch it at 3 AM on the SYFY channel.

Matthew S (us) wrote: One of my favorite films. Orson Welles' approaches his audience from the standpoint of a documentary. The whole experimentally genius of a movie starts with one very clear statement from Welles: "This is a promise. For the next hour, everything you hear from us is really true and based on solid fact." He did not falter on his promise. The thing is that "F For Fake" runs just under 90 minutes. Everything is "true" for the first hour. Orson Welles, one of the greatest artists and intellects of his time was also an eccentric who loved to toy with ideas as much as put them into his art. This is a brilliant example of a profoundly gifted filmmaker playing not only with his audience, but with cultural ideas around "truth" and "reality" -- how important is "true authenticity" anyway? If the answer seems apparent to you, then this is a film you must see. Actually, this is a film everyone should see. He seems to be making a documentary about fakery. His main focus is on two equally odd men. Infamous and notorious Art Forger and charming, Elmyr de Hory is one. The other is Hory's friend and "biographer" Clifford Irving. Irving had set out to expose Hory as the "Faker" he was but would soon become the major player at one of the biggest acts of "Fakery" of all time. His "true" transcription of Howard Hughes' autobiography remains a cultural focal point of deception, confusion and infamy. Was it just great luck that Orson Welles fell into the company of these two fraudulent men or planned? Does it really matter?As Welles' freely points out, his entire life has been a series of self-created "fakes" -- from an untrue resume to his infamously radio storytelling experiment regarding an invasion from Mars. Just as you think you know where Welles is taking us, with the ever-slightest of hands -- he pulls the rug out from under the audience more than a couple of times. And he poses a number of key philosophical questions about life and human existence. This is a magical experimental film so far ahead of it's time it remains one step ahead of our curve. Quite a feat from an early 1970's film when viewed with the fresh eyes of the 21st Century. Pures cinematic magic and a whole lotta fun!

Justin A (mx) wrote: I don't understand the shockingly low score. It's not amazing, but it's a pretty good creature feature.The cast is quite good (though I wasn't sure if Peter Weller was phoning it in or just being Peter Weller) with Richard Crenna giving the best performance. The creature effects are fun and sometimes creepy and the movie moves along briskly and doesn't overstay its welcome.It is, of course, cheesy at times. The last five minutes of the movie are so different in tone and so bad that it nearly kills everything that preceded it. It could have just ended when they surfaced, but no, we had to get sharks... then more monster... then our hero punching a woman? What?This movie will unfairly be compared to The Thing and Alien... well, they're fair comparisons in plot, but not in quality. Just because this movie doesn't quite reach those levels in entertainment doesn't mean this movie should be completely dismissed. It's far better than many of the other ripoffs of those movies. If this were a race, Leviathan may be a distant third, but it's still third! That's still a medal!If you're looking for a sci-fi horror film in the vein of Alien or The Thing, you can't go wrong with this movie. There's nothing so abhorrent about it to not recommend it to fans of monster movies like those.

Spencer S (it) wrote: Whimsical, fantastic, and mythical only in the way Neil Gaiman can write it. This adaptation from his book of the same name is perfectly fun and romantic. It's a mix between "The Princess Bride" and "Ella Enchanted," a film that evokes childhood fairytales as well as the adult nature of the original Grimm's Fairytales. There's every number of characters, including witches, sky pirates, warring princes, and a fallen star turned beautiful young woman. With stunning visuals, catty humor, and a lovable romantic pair this is a must-see film for all ages. The main problems I had with the film was the strange, slightly homophobic humor of Robert De Niro cross-dressing and putting on a "sissy" voice, and the complexity of the plot, which could have been better condensed for the film adaptation. Otherwise this was a fun, magical journey.