An 18th century African prince is turned into a vampire while visiting Transylvania. Two centuries later, he rises from his coffin attacking various residents of Los Angeles and meets Tina, a woman who he believes is the reincarnation of his deceased wife.

Blacula is an 18th century African prince becomes a vampire when he meets Transylvania . Two centuries later, he comes back the modern life in Los Angeles and he finds all way to win Tina's heart because he believes in destiny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hayden H (mx) wrote: Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of the more creative docs I've seen a good long time. Maybe since Super Size Me

Nicki M (ru) wrote: Can't believe I sat through this, nearly gave up on it very early on. Melissa George is especially horrid in this one. Lost half a star for the scene of her with her breast pump. Character is also crude, vulgar and repellant. Mandy Moore fares a little better, but she and the husband have zero chemistry. He looks like her father in the flashbacks of them dating. And wouldn't you know it, my all time "favourite" happy ending in the movie. That one never gets old.

Dave G (it) wrote: Very much like a "Friday The 13th" movie with teens in the woods, except instead of Jason the killer is a hungry bear.

Wayne H (fr) wrote: One of robin williams worst films

James B (us) wrote: It was pretty good. I liked it better than the second one. It was a good end to the series. I liked the plot as well.

sam j (fr) wrote: Perhaps, The best! film ever made!!!!

Aldo M (au) wrote: I liked this film more than the book.Beautiful images, Tilda Swinton is convincing as a man as much as a woman (even more, at times)

Matti K (ru) wrote: Ovidio G. Assonitisin ohjaama "Tentacles - lonkerot" on italialais-amerikkalaisena yhteistyona syntynyt merellinen kauhuelokuva, jossa vedenalaista tunnelia rakentava yritys rikkoo ahneuksissaan saantoja ja saa pahansisuisen jattilaismustekalan kiukustumaan. Ja sitten alkaa Ocean Beachin rantamilta kadota ihmisia, eivatka edes rannalle jatetyt lastenvaunut ole turvassa.Elokuva onnistuu ensimmaisen kolmen vartin aikana toimimaan yllattavan hyvin ollakseen B-luokan Tappajahai-jaljitelma, mutta sitten se taantuu pahemman kerran ja alkaa aiheuttaa katsojassa etupaassa myotahapeaa. Loppuratkaisu on paitsi nolo, myos tavattoman epauskottava.Leffassa vilahtelee kasittamattoman hyvia nayttelijoita - vai mita sanotte triosta John Huston, Shelley Winters ja Henry Fonda - mutta yksikaan heista ei onnistu pelastamaan uppoavaa laivaa omalla roolisuorituksellaan.Ei muille kuin roskan ystaville, jos nyt suoranaisesti heillekaan...

Adam A (jp) wrote: SPOILERS!!! Cube seem like it has plenty of potential but when you tear it apart you will soon find out that it is a lazy, sloppy, wrong directed, almost forgetable thriller/horror/gore movie. It is quite amazing how the scriptwriters could, through a bunch of prime-numbers, equalize this poorly written material to a rather intresstring survival flick. Well that is about it! The mathematics are great, and suspense is right there aswell, but with these dull cardboard cut-outs with a booring, lazy output through their actions you cant get much emotional brain out of it. The movie idea is great, for its time, but the plotline struggles to hard to get the pop quiz of math out there and soon starts to forget about its characters, (they just didnt think outside the box :P). This is to bad they didnt elaborate more on that part, more of how their outcome would have been. The direction on the suspense is very well putted together but when the actors react the script, youll understand the end pretty quickely. The very issue with this flick is the pay-off, alot of climbing for no slide.

Clyde L (mx) wrote: really really really good movie

or g (br) wrote: so f****king british(possitivly said)

Alex V (jp) wrote: It's classic 80's Ninja flick.. Pure Nostalgia... It's not a great film but certainly entertaining.. Minus the horrible 80's soundtrack that pops up now and then.